|real_name=(First name unreavled) Dean
|debut=What If #79 (Vol.2)
|affiliations=Pheonix Order
|relatives=[[Dean Darby|Darby Dean]] (Father), [[Dean Susan|Susan Dean]] (Mother), [[Pathway|Laura Dean]] (Sister)
|weight= 74 lbs
|hair=Grey and Blue

In an alternate reality, [[Storm]] gained the power of the [[Phoenix]] instead of [[Grey Jean|Jean Grey]]. She built a brave new world, with herself at the helm and the gifted children as chicks beneath her wing. The world is ruled from the shadows of a commandeered [[S.H.I.E.L.D Helicarrier]], which circles the globe. Those who follow her love her unconditionally, and those who fought her were held in a living undeath of hypothermia in the sky. As Storm did not kill until finally provoked for the last time.

The ones who were not placed in a prison gathered together a resistance against Storm who killed an entire nation as a group of people broke her eco-treaty. [[Shadowcat (What If)| Kitty Pryde]] was the inside man to help the resistance, and [[Wolverine (What If)|Wolverine]] found the real storm in the bottom of the ocean protected in a weather cocoon. Kitty phased into Storm to manipulate her body, as she was unconscious while the [[Phoenix Storm]] began to kill the resistance forces as well as her own servants. [[Northstar (What If)|Northstar]] cried out, ?you can?t kill us all, your conscience won?t let you? and with that she attacks him with no sense of regard. Those who were imprisoned in the sky now became free and aided the resistance and as the human Storm appeared and the Phoenix children sided with her instead of the Phoenix.

In the final plan of the resistance, which was only revealed to Wolverine, [[Fury Nick (What If)|Fury]] and Kitty. They set off multiple warheads in the hanger bay; however, they weren?t sure it would kill her but it would drive her away. The plan was a success as the Phoenix vanished, but as Kitty left Storm?s body the last bit of life in her vanished. Now the children of Phoenix realizing she was not a God; now are trying to live in this new world and together help make it a better place.