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Thread: so.......issue #8?

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    "The site was hacked two months before #8 was released, which is where the comic mentioned us."

    But the site crashed AFTER Marvel's decision to un-make it an ongoing.

    I have no proof, nor do i expect to find any; I'm just skeptical of how it all came about.
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    I also did not like the "Dumb Hulk-squatch"

    I did like Heather as a villain.

    The story seemed to drag out but, the art and the characterizations were terrific.

    Loved the new Marrina!

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    It was ok. Art was nice, battle seemed rushed, Shaman and Marrina barely had page time. A double sized final issue would have been nice, it would have been the least Marvel could do after teasing the readers. I'm more sad that we'll never see the full potential of this series played out and soon the Marvrel U will just be Avenger and X-Men titles.
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