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Thread: Tough times for Bill Mantlo

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    Default Tough times for Bill Mantlo

    There's a really great and heartbreaking profile of Bill Mantlo over at, of all places, National Underwriter Health & Life Magazine. Robot 6 has a good post about it too. It's a long but fascinating read about his medical and financial problems since his car accident. Definitely recommended reading.

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    This is heartbreaking! So sad. It also makes me appreciate living in Canada where health care is viewed as a major priority and support system for our society!

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    There was an article on Newsarama (I think it was) a few months ago by Greg Pak, and Bill's brother (and his caretaker). Sounded like things were pretty tough even without reading between the lines. It's a shame, too. I know how hard it is to be in a body that doesn't work properly, but at least I still have my mental faculties. Bill's work was a big part of my early introduction to comics, with Incredible Hulk and Rom being among my favorites. Think I need to send a card and whatever I can spare (unfortunately, being on a fixed income means not much) to him and his family.

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