First time I’ve ever seen Alpha Flight #12 on any best-of/essential list of comics, and I agree. Again, it probably has to do with where I was in the reading but that was an issue that made superheroes human for me. I bought into the team and its developing dynamic, only to see it torn apart. In some ways, more devastating than the betrayal of Terra in New Teen Titans. Not to be an old fart, but where are these titles for my kids?
('cept the part about me having kids... but I want titles like this for kids.)

This is one of the most refreshing comics best-of lists I've ever seen - and not just because Alpha Flight made it on. Sasquatch twice.
It's because almost all best-ofs (okay, this is 'most influentual') are very similar; Maus, Watchmen, Batman: Year One / Dark Knight Returns, Kingdom Come...
All except Maus are very well-done (I've never read Maus so won't judge it) but all very, very dark and gritty. This is a list from a lighter period, when comics were good-natured and didn't have to take a cynical approach to their subject matter.

Granted, Alan Moore is on the list, and the two stories I've read from it are darker than usual - but neither of those goes overboard with it. And they come from lighter, better times in their respective books.

I've been thinking of putting my own top-whatever on my blog, and it'd look a lot more like this one than the usual suspects.

(edit: I've just noticed, with a slight sense of disturbance, that the comments section has already filled in my name and email address without me doing anything. Big Brother, is that you?)

- Le Messor
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