Something I’d like to see happen in the future of Alpha Flight;

Mac builds his own Department H.

With all the brain power of he and Walter, why can’t one of them build or design something and sell the patent for it, make mega-millions of dollars, and use that money to build their own research and design unit? Somewhere away from government eyes. Mac must have a FEW people in the old Department H he knows, he trusts, that he could hire to work for him.

I’d enjoy seeing him puttering in his own lab on his days off, showing that he is every bit as smart as Reed Richards. Building stuff that the team could use (why can’t Alpha Flight have a flying car, like the FF did?). Finding ways to make things to better the lives of ordinary Canadians, and to continue to make money that would be pumped back into Department H, to keep it going.

They could do this as the heroes of Alpha Flight, or as the guerilla unit that they currently are; with the second option, they'd have to hide who owned the company and have it be more underground and hidden, but that is okay too.

What do you think? Would this idea work, and would you like to see it?