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There's already been a clue in Issue #3...Ranark can tell Heather serves "the one of the Earth, older than I" (he states)...And she admits it. Actually, during that entire conversation, it really doesn't sound like Heather speaking, but someone or something else. I'm starting to wonder if she's possessed?

Look at this dialogue...

"Your fragment of the Great Beast helped us to subdue Snowbird, the half-child of the Inua, but she escaped with her friends..Including the shaman of the Two-Young-Men. I gather an army to crush them and ask you to wake from your slumber and join..." It's very odd dialogue to be coming from Heather.

Who is this "One of the Earth"? Tundra? The Master?

You may have something there, Dana. I chalked up Heather's verbiage to the fact she was speaking to Ranark, and was just talking in terms he would use, but maybe she's not the one running the show in her own head?