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    Default Gotham: Year One RPG

    "On March 20th, 2009, life as Gotham knew it ended. Time and space fluctuated for a brief moment. Worlds collided and the city fell.

    In the aftermath of the cataclysm, the city found itself crumpled down to the foundations, cut off from the rest of the world, worse off than it had been since the earthquake that destroyed the city five years prior and the No Man's Land that followed. The city's protectors and her citizens rallied but there was little they could do. And when the dust settled: thousands were dead, tens of thousands were homeless, hundreds of thousands were missing."

    There's your dramatic intro blurb, now to the explanations.

    Gotham: Year One is a pan-fandom, play-by-LJ RPG. The general gist is that due to villains mucking about with an artifact that they ought not have, the whole of Gotham City was plunged into it's own pocket dimension, more or less cut off from the rest of the universe...

    ...except for the times when the universe decides to drop new folks from other times and places into the fishbowl. As a result, Gotham not only has some of the expected DC characters running around, but also, among many others, some of the Supernatural characters, a couple of Wildstorm refugees, an Avenger or two, a handful of X-Men, and, as you might have guessed, a couple of Alphans, hence posting here.

    The game is open to all comers, and you can pretty much play anyone you want from any time in their established canon that you want, provided your application measures up and there's not a version of the character you want already in play (for example, X-Men: Evolution Nightcrawler and 616 Nightcrawler couldn't be in the game at the same time).

    The Game:

    The Wiki:

    The (massive) List of Current Characters:

    Jean-Paul Beaubier:

    Jeanne-Marie Beaubier:

    Feel free to pitch any questions you like this way.

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    It looks...daunting. And extremely complicated. Mentally overwhelming.

    (were i to join, I'd throw down as Painkiller Jane)
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