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Thread: favorite Aurora

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    Cool favorite Aurora

    hey Flightfolk,

    how are things, eh? (sorry, couldn't resist.) anyhoo, I read AF on ocassion and
    I reckon that one of the most popular/unpopular (depending on your view) is one
    Jeanne-Marie Baubier aka Aurora. she has, according to the storyline, at least
    three personalities:

    1. the straight-edge strict Catholic
    2. the minx
    3. a combination of both.

    so I'm wondering which Aurora do we like? I'm sort of favorable to 2. even
    though she make break someone's heart, at least that person would get a
    worthwhile night or two out of it. thoughts?
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    Hi Neil, moved thread to polls.

    I prefer #2, the Aurora we saw in the early issues Contest of Champions, Machine Man etc.
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    I'd prefer 3, but I can't say I'd be unhappy with 2.

    Also, I'd love to see her with her original longer hair but in her gold outfit from the #20s. I'd dearly love to see what such a combination would look like.

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    1 around other people. 2 in bed.

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    Number two is the most valuable to the team. Number one not at all, obviously, and number 3 can be a liability. That said, I do like #3 the most, slipping back and forth, as she's the most interesting.

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    the first one , but the second one was hot too, does anybody remeber aurora's purple winter cotume ....during the david ross era when they fought pestilence??

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    Having only just seen this thread, I've edited the #2 choice as nowhere do we see Aurora sleeping around all over the place so **** isn't accurate.
    Let's not degrade the character here folks.
    Provocative, flirty & full of life does not equal ****.

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    I prefer choice # 4; cybernetically enhanced, completely unfeeling, and with Mac's memories stuck in her head somewhere.

    Just kidding!

    I like # 2, mainly because that one likes to change costumes a lot. I always liked her as the Canadian Janet van Dyne.
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