(IC: In Character only in this thread please)

Chapter 1
“Welcome to Beta”

Mar 18th 10.01 am
Dept. H

Walter Langowski was humming a tune he had stuck in his head during the morning drive in. It was like a virus. He tried to drown it with computations and Stephen’s Hawkins latest essay on the possibilities of breaching dimensional barriers using the combination of sonic vibrations and dark force energy.

“Daaa, da, daaa, da, da, da ,daaa. Damnit!”

Walter rounded a corner to the main elevator and saw Jeanne-Marie already standing there. She was wearing a pair of skinny jeans that accentuated her legs and a zipped up leather jacket. She smiled at him as he approached. “Walter. What are you humming? Is that Avril?” She chuckled.

“What? No, wait, is it? Gah, I don’t know, maybe it is. I can’t get it out of my head.”

“Non? You mean teenage love songs isn’t on your iSongs playlist?”

“No, and I don’t use iSongs. I use Madison’s music application; I’m almost done converting my records.”

“Records! Oh Walter. You have such charming tastes.”

The elevator door opened allowing both to step inside. Soon they were traveling down the deep shaft of the secret base known as Dept H. Jeanne-Marie changed the subject as they descended. “Is today not the day the new Gamma Flight arrives?”

“Yes it is, in fact I’m on my way to their orientation now. Want to join me?”

“I would if I could but James wanted to run some new training maneuvers with Eugene and myself.”

“Alright then, well here is my floor. See you for lunch?”

“Okay. Have fun with the newbies.”

Soon Walter stood within the classroom; already one of the new Gamma’s were within, Lillian Crawley aka Diamond Lil. They spoke briefly before one of her classmates entered the room…