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Thread: Dale Eaglesham interview in the Ottawa Citizen

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    Default Dale Eaglesham interview in the Ottawa Citizen

    Link to the interview. It's worth mentioning that the piece is the front page of the Entertainment section, and is advertised on the front page of the paper with an above-the-fold corner mention featuring a nice sketch of Guardian.

    Vankleek Hill is really quite close to Ottawa... I might try to get out there this weekend to meet Dale.
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    Default Dale Eaglesham article in the Ottawa Citizen

    I was checking out the paper while waiting for the train last Thursday and was pleasantly surprised to find an article featuring Alpha Flight and, more specifically, Dale Eaglesham:

    Dale is based out of Vankleek Hill, Ontario, which is a small town around the Ottawa Valley. So, now I know of two great things from there - the other being Beau's Beer, which produces the fantastic Lug-Tread lagered ale!


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