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Thread: Evidence going shopping with your better half can be a good thing.

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    Default Evidence going shopping with your better half can be a good thing.

    I am not what one would call a "shopper". In my teens I supported myself like many others teens do, I worked at the mall. Perhaps my utter disdain for the working environment and general nature of the average consumer planted some deep seeded hatred for all things associated with the mall and shopping in general. After taking a second as I write this to ponder that...I think that pretty much nails it.

    I am buyer. When I want/need something. I target the location, plan the fastest route, and try to make the whole experience as painless as possible. My fiance is the exact opposite. She LOVES to shop. A trait not uncommon in the fairer sex, as I am sure most of you have found.

    So needless to say. This past weekend, when my better half asked if I wanted to come with her to a flea market I began to break into a cold sweat and started to think of something...anything to get out of going. One can only do this for so long. Only so many Saturdays can go by making excuses to get out of these excursions of hers. This weekend I was destined to go shopping.

    The majority of the flea market was the usual fair. However when I saw the table with those familiar looking long boxes, I had found the days salvation. In these boxes I found in very nice condition. Alpha Flight Vol. 1 issues# 4, 15, 37, 41, 69, and 105. These where all the Alpha Flight comics he had in the boxes at the time. After inspecting them a bit to make sure I would want them. I asked the gentleman how much he would like for them. When he said .50 cents each I had never pulled out my wallet so fast. By far the best 3.00 dollars I had ever spent.

    Realizing I had to hide my happiness for fear of hearing the dreaded "I told you so." I come here to beam and cheer about my wonderful find. Years ago I sold my collection. So for sometime I have only had my memories of the stories I had once read and loved. Now, I have the perfect starting point to build my AF series back. Just in time for the new maxi series.
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    And a well-deserved beaming it is, too! Great times, Dfense, I congratulate you!

    - Le Messor
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    I think, Dfense, your avatar completely expresses how you felt about being asked to go shopping. But I am glad the experience was Alphalicious!
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    THREE DOLLARS?! I am ridiculously jealous. Congratulations!

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