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Thread: Now this is kind of cool...

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    Default Now this is kind of cool...

    I was at the comic shop today to pick up Alpha Flight (didn't have a chance to get over there Wednesday) and I also picked up a comic brick. This store, instead of having a 50 cent bin, has these 5 pound packs of comics for $6.99.

    Normally, they are a pretty mixed assortment. This pack I got was a little different, it was mostly Ka-zar issues from the 80's run. In fact, it's only three issues shy of a complete run! It also has all 12 of the New Universe Kickers Inc. run plus a handful of assorted issues.

    Still, I just thought it was pretty cool to end up with a nearly complete run of series I've been kind of interested in getting.
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    Nice find! One of my old comic stores used to do that with blocks of runs. I believe I got some of those New Universe runs like that myself lol.
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