Issue 1

“Civil war.... that is what some experts have called it for the past few months that the super hero registraition act has done to the super hero community. Only in the end that Steve Rogers aka captain America the symbol of American free and Anti-registraition leader surrendered to police. Steve rogers for those who don’t remember served the United states back during world war II. After the war he helped form the avengers to save the world from the likes of super human villains such as Loki. Tony stark, director of shield and head spokesman for the registraition act had this to say...”

“Man can you believe the crap on tv. They are still talking about the super heroes civil war, and nothing on the super heroes who saved Toronto last week from the wrecking crew.” Snorted Troy at the tv while he turns it to another station that was playing old bugs bunny cartoons.

C.S.I.S Profile- Name: Troy MacDonald A.k.a. Torrent. Type: Mutant. Powers: able to manipulate existing elements such as fire, water, wind, electricity, and earth.

“Don’t let it bother you Troy, its only the news. They are payed to follow high profile people. And Tony Stark is always doing PR work.” Exclaimed Damon.

C.S.I.S Profile – Name: Damon Dupont A.k.a. Defender. Type: Human. Powers: None, Posession of custom built battle suit, similar to infamous stark industries “Hulkbuster” armor. Synthetic Vibrainium metal.

“Well I think the efforts of those heroes down in Toronto should get some credit. Even though I thought it was strange that one of those heroes looked like an American. But I have to say talisman looks as hot as ever.” Troy said while making up and down motion with his eye brows.

Damon laughed at Troy, the two sat in their apartment. Troy was going over the newest comics that had come out for the week, and watching his old cartoons at the same time. Then making a large yawn which distracted Damon from his blueprints and schematics which he was going over for new upgrades he wants to try to get done before the end of the month.

Troy headed over to the dining room table where Damon was working and looked over his shoulder. He asked Damon if he had anything in those schematics to make a their apartment better with a new big screen TV, Or maybe fixing that X-box. Damon just suggests he could always cook himself dinner something to eat to pass the time using his fire manipulation powers.

“Yeah well I could do that, but that requires focus of my powers.. yada yada yada.” Troy said with a fake complaining tone.

Damon mentions out of all the mutants left in the world he had to be living with one who is the laziest mutant to ever practice his powers. Troy goes onto explain his ordeal with lack of an attention span, then goes on to say that he is not an Engineering Professor for a university.

“Being a teacher at the university has nothing to do with practice, But speaking of which we should get some done this weekend. Do you know if your parents still own the property up in Alberta?” Damon asked.

Troy nodded, and just then there was a large crash down by the cafe, down below. Several people are seen running from the area. As what looks like a gang are covering the corner. Troy points down to the corner of Lonsdale and Esplanade. Damon suggested maybe they should go down there and talk to them about the noise levels. Troy took a second to realize what he meant and ran to the closet and grabbed his costume.

People screamed and cried as they were being hearded into a big group. People tried calling the police on their cell phones, but were taken and smashed. Masked men with guns, chains and clubs start to push people into a group. Some men and women try to fight back but fail. Than a large figure appears.

C.S.I.S. Profile- Name: Richard Jackson A.k.a. Titan. Type: Human. Powers: Super Strength, recorded to be able to lift up to 50 tons. Has a high tolerance to pain. Abilities come from a rare drug location unknown.

Titan came down the street, wearing a large ski mask, grabbing a person with a single grip. He lifts a person up in his hand, looking at them. And telling them that the local neighbourhood watch from the southern part of Vancouver is looking for the annual contributions for keeping the area safe from random thugs.

“id suggest you put the woman down there big boy.” Said Defender; as he slowly hovers down with Torrent on his back, and then he jumps off. “or do we have a problem here?”

“oh boy, wannabe supers. Heh well ain’t it my lucky day. Been wanting to try things out up here in Canada.” Titan said, he put the woman down with the rest of the people herded together, then brought up his hand to tell them to bring it.

Defender told Torrent to focus on gang members and get the people out of there unharmed. Torrent nodded and dashed off running in with a tight suit and a red ski mask on. Defender turned on his jets and flew right at titan and knocked himself and the big villain down by the docks away from the gang.

Torrent stopped and realized how many guys there were. “okay 12 on one...thanks defender..hey you guys want to knock yourselves out already and well save the trouble? No?...egh” Torrent sighed and waited for a few of them with guns to point at him. Than using the wind he does a quick burst of the wind to knock most of the men with guns on their backs, changes the consistency of the ground he put his hand threw it and made a pair of gloves from rocks. Barely dodging chains and clubs the smashes a few goons clubs and snaps a few chains. He then to crushes the guns under his rocky gloves and saying ow each time.

Defender kept exchanging blows with titan neither one was giving in. Though titans face was looking more and more bruised by the min. “good god, how much beating can you take from this machine?” Titan just smiled then getting the upper hand he reaching underneath the suit and picked him up and tossed him towards the water. Just before he hit the water surface Defender kicked on the jets and took off into the sky. Then arching around he came right over top of titan and smashed him through the pavement. Titan was beaten and unconscious, Defender remembered torrent and headed back.

With five men left. Torrent was getting tired. He did not think he could go on. With everyone except a few hostages. One old man was held by knife point. Just then defender came down and noticed that torrent got the rest of the gang stuck in a earthen pit where he sunk the ground. Noticing the old man being used as a hostage, defender saw no choice but to use his weapon. A part of his hand turned into a large canon.

“ill tell you this now son. Drop the knife or I use this laser guided canon to do persicion cutting of your left frontal lobe on the wall behind you. And that goes for the rest of you.” Torrent gave a bit of a look that suggested that this idea might be a little extreme.

Not wanting to take the risk, the old man was let go and defender went to move him out of the way and offered him a safe journey and to call the police. Torrent went over and took the men and tossed them into the small pit with the rest of the thugs. “wow really man? Blowing them up?” Torrent complained.

“what! It was an empty threat like I was really going to do that. Not when an old man is in danger.” Defender said.

“well let’s get out of here before the cops show up and blame us for this robbery. So where is the big guy?” asked torrent.

Defender told him that he left him in a crater after he managed to make a dent in the armor. Then began to comment that he still needs to work on this synthetic vibrainium. Torrent did not really care but just wanted to get out of the there before things got worse. He jumped on Defenders back and they headed off to an empty area where they could change out of the suits.

“really I need a better costume. Wool and cotton fabrics in the middle of the summer can not be healthy for the human skin.” Started to begin to scratch his head.

Damon got out of the suit after parking it in and starting a button that allowed it to fold itself up. Into a large box. Troy began to make a comment why he would not be called the new Box, cause of how his costume turns into a box when he is done with it.

“I like the name defender. Besides I think it would be overly clichéd if I named myself something after a super hero who made a huge difference, or call myself something cause of my native background like Nootka man, or Captain cause that is lame. And ill see what sort of spandex I can find for you to make your own costume. I admit you look like a tool when we show up.” Said Damon.

The two headed back to their apartment when they saw the news as they were at the scene of the fight. And the capturing of the gang members but reported that Titan got away from authorities before C.S.I.S could arrive and take him into custody. “though no witnesses to the event were able to talk to us. It seems that Omega Flight, the new team brought in, have saved the day.”

Troy’s jaw dropped, cursing in every language he can think off while Damon tried to calm him down, and trying to make sure that they were not drawing too much attention to themselves. They moved faster back to the apartment building by passing the news reporters and back up to their room. They sat down in their sofa.

“well, that was interesting.” Said Damon.

Troy was still cursing to himself over the entire thing and was beating and pounding on the pillow. Showing off his bruises on his body from the fight and mentioning how its not pleasant to take a chain to the stomach. The day wore on and it became evening. A figure sits down in the alley way watching over the building. And waiting..