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Thread: Resurrections : How would you ...

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    How to bring them back?

    One: The original team gets back from dealing with the Plodex and is shocked to find that they've been "killed". They set out to "set things right".


    Two: The originals were "killed" by the Collective, but are swept up by Dept. H and kept "on ice" with Chuck Moss being forced to "hold their souls" (like Michael did in X-Men Unlimited). Eventually someone, Logan or Walt, find out about them and breaks everyone out. Wanted by the government, AF must defend their country while avoiding re-capture or worse.

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    ^^I like the first option!

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    Personally, i like the first option best, too. it gives the most latitude and leeway for properly dealing with the team concept, instead of having them most all being actually dead and being resurrected (for some of them, yet again).

    however...beggars can't be choosers.

    Any Flight, is something to be thankful for. No matter how they come to be.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Powersurge View Post
    So, I'm curious how YOU, as a writer/idea-man, would bring Mac back if a new AF was launched and he was part of the mixture?
    I personally just don't thik it could be done convincingly at this point. But I'm open to being proven wrong!
    Issue #1, I would do a nod to the classics. The Great Beasts return. Snowbird returns from the heavens and gathers the remaining members of Alpha Flight: Sasquatch, Northstar, Aurora and Talisman. Realizing that despite their power they can not win - Snowbird suddenly bails on the fight, leaving the remaining Alpha Flight members to fend for themselves, thinking Snowbird has betrayed them.

    Show Snowbird talking to the Gods from which she is from. They don't explain what she's asking, only that it's a bad idea, and such things shouldn't be tampered with. Snowbird explains it must be done if the Great Beasts are to be defeated.

    Last panel of issue #1, Snowbird shows up with Shaman, Puck and Mac to help fight the Great Beasts in a great splash page.

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    You're trying to make your resurrection.
    We're hoping that's already in place, with Chaos War.

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    How I wouldbring back alapha flight for a new series....I would have the Department of Defense scientist open a poral to an alterate earth, which would bring forth versions of Alapha Flight and the villians they fought. ( Like a age of apocoplypse.)
    This would give writers a chance to explore different possiblities of Alapha Flight's characters, relationships, and Department H's role in the world.
    I would love to see Alapha Flight be a real world powerhouse like the x-men, fanastic four, or avengers. Also I would like to see some characters like the Zodiac come back as a hero, or give Puck some more powers that make him more dangerous.
    With Alapha coming out of an alternate earth they would have new histories to explore and they could do they whole secret agenda plot with the heroes using Dept. H to forward their goals.

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