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Review - Ultimate X #1
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Thread: Review - Ultimate X #1

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    Lightbulb Review - Ultimate X #1

    Issue: Ultimate Comics X #1
    Writer: Jeph Loeb
    Artist: Art Adams
    Cover: Art Adams
    Date Published: 02/03/2010

    Who—or what—is Ultimate X? This infamous tagline took no time to reveal the answer allowing readers not to scratch their heads to long to figure it out. In the aftermath of Ultimatum, Wolverine is dead, Captain America is a fugitive, The Fantastic Four disbanded and Mutants are regarded as criminals and are hunted down. The story begins in Port St.Lucie introducing a brand new character, Jimmy Hudson, a teen that is unaware of his true origins and past. The beginning narrative is voiced by Jimmy’s foster-father James Hudson known as Guardian in the main Marvel universe, a term here his wife Heather Hudson game him after a vacuum cleaner as he cleans up other peoples messes. He describes how Jimmy came into his life, how he became sheriff and knew a hurricane was coming.

    Things begin to unravel as Jimmy gets in a serious car race accident and discovers he has mutant powers allowing him to heal rapidly (sound familiar?). The following day Kitty Pryde pays him a visit and reveals that which his parents have kept secret, as Jimmy is the son of Wolverine. Jimmy then discovers he has bone claws like his father prior to Weapon X, but has the ability to form metal over the claw similar to Colossus’ armor form. The story concludes with a touching moment on the dock between Jimmy and James, and we find out the reason why James never told Jimmy who his father was earlier, as he was afraid he would lose him.

    All and all it was a good first issue, which sets the tone and the characters. I really enjoyed this new take on James and Heather Hudson and I’m sure we will find out more of their background, such as how James and Wolverine fought together in the Gulf War, and Wolverine introduced Heather to James. There is also still some mystery surrounding who is Jimmy’s mother, which I’m sure will be addressed and how can Jimmy form metal over his bone claws?

    Concerning the art, Art Adams art is very enjoyable, but the characters faces could be improved on.

    #7 Maple Leaves out of 10.
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    great review! It's now published on the site. -- with images.
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    I enjoyed this one; finally seeing Art Adams do the Hudsons! Yay!
    And it wasn't full of the sleaze that put me off Ultimate U in the first place.

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