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Madison and Lil in MODOK: Reign Delay
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Thread: Madison and Lil in MODOK: Reign Delay

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    Default Madison and Lil in MODOK: Reign Delay

    Of all the random freaking cameo appearances to make, man.

    Reign Delay is a cartoony little comedy one-shot thing starring everyone's favourite giant head in a chair and Madison randomly pops up halfway through to actually play a pretty sizable role in things! Basically, MODOK goes to his high school reunion and some old bullies go on the internet to hire a super hero to beat him up for cheap and come up with Box. Shenanigans ensue.

    Considering Mads and Lil are one of my favourite comic book couples ever, I find it oddly hilarious that THIS is where we finally get to see them back together.

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    Mr. Ryan Dunlavey, the writer/artist for that issue has a sequel in the works. No word if Jeffries/Lil will appear yet.

    Link to his blog

    Link to preview art for the sequel

    Plus, he was skulking around on my new site today, and he left a little note about the site, saying, "I found it while researching forů SOMETHING." Who knows what that SOMETHING might be? So maybe Jeffries and Lil will appear in the sequel, or maybe something else from him, who knows???

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    haha sweet, I really enjoyed the first one.

    hmmm...sounds interesting, though not sure how Jeffries and Lil could appear in this to be honest. Unless there will be offically a M.O.D.O.K #2

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    Quote Originally Posted by Phil View Post
    That is some great art, and fun too!

    The man seriously loves his Flight, you can tell!
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