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Thread: New Photo Album

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    Default New Photo Album

    I floated the idea around a few months back of basically having a 'Virtual art gallery' for original AF artwork by creators, whether it be sketches, commissions or original pages that we own.

    I've had a rare day off so I thought I'd run with it and if it doesn't work I can always kill it off later.

    The conditions I will set is that:

    a)You yourself have to own the pieces; it can't be pieces you've found on the net or that someone else has had commissioned and posted on the JBF or wherever; I want to see how much artwork that we, the Alpha Waves community, actually own.

    b)It needs to be work by a 'professional' artist. I know this is an extremely grey area, so we'll term it as a published artist and see how it goes from there.

    Any feedback will be great.

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    Haha, it looks like someone wants to show off a bit!!

    Hey, I put one up too, it feels good to show off! I already posted this a few years back, but it's still fun to share it.

    Are you an Alpha Flight Collector?


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    I'm going to go futher and say it should be an artist professionally published in a comic book (maybe even a mainstream comic book).

    Otherwise, I qualify; and I've done a lot of AF art!

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