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Thread: Some FVL news on Newsarama

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    Default Some FVL news on Newsarama

    What FVL has revealed so far:

    -He has 2 secret projects coming up that are both minis, two coming up that are waiting for approval and are both ongoings and a fifth one that's going to be announced soon.

    -One of the projects will feature a new team established in the MU.

    -Another one is Bendis related, and not in the MU.

    -Hera from Incredible Hercules will be alligning with Osborn's cabal.

    -Unfortunately, there are no current plans for FVL to write Alpha Flight

    -He will however be writing one issue of Amazing Spider-Man in March!!
    See the conversation here.

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    am i the only one that saw this?

    taimur: So, with the FCBD Wolverine title officially released, safe to assume Alpha Flight will be in it.
    Fred Van Lente: You KNOW there will be Alpha Flight on FCBD.
    Fred Van Lente: The story takes place before “Incredible Hulk #181″.
    Fred Van Lente: In fact, it’s about how James MacDonald Hudson arranges for Wolvie to get the anti-Wendigo mission in the first place.
    Fred Van Lente: But is that the only Flight reference?
    Fred Van Lente: Canucks and fellow travelers will have to wait ’til May to find out…
    taimur: Of course

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    or this?:

    Greg: Fred, would you say working on the periphery of the Marvel universe has afforded you more freedom than if you were writing one of Marvel’s ‘big name titles’ and if so would you be interested in working on one of the aforementioned “big name titles” or are you happier working on the more ’second tier’ titles with more freedom?
    Fred Van Lente: Yes, it has afforded me more freedom, which I do appreciate.
    Fred Van Lente: As I said before, “Fantastic Four” would be a lot of fun.
    Fred Van Lente: Come to think of it, “Avengers,” which is the comic I collected as a kid.
    preston: You’d be great on it, it’d be very Waid-like
    Fred Van Lente: But if I can do an “Alpha Flight” revival, I’d throw either of those over in a second!
    preston: Excuse my comparing you to other writers btw
    Fred Van Lente: ‘S cool.
    nas: Who’re your favorite Alpha Flight members, Fred?
    timbre68: Alpha Flight! Old School Alpha Flight with Byrne on pencils
    preston: Hopefully AF is one of the aforementioned secret projects pending approval
    preston: don’t have to say anything though, wouldn’t want that chip to explode
    Fred Van Lente: No. I wish.
    preston: ahh, me too
    Fred Van Lente: Northstar is probably my all time favorite.
    Fred Van Lente: Followed by Puck.
    Fred Van Lente: Snowbird, obviously.
    Fred Van Lente: Talisman.
    Hunter: Geez, if Power Pack continuity is bad, Alpha Flight is a disaster.
    preston: We’ll say it was Mephisto and clones
    taimur: Did you cry after New Avengers #16?
    ex: Which one was New Avengers 16?
    preston: the Alpha Flight massacre
    ex: Ah
    Fred Van Lente: I cried after Bill Mantlo and Mike Mignola, and never got over it.
    Fred Van Lente: No offense to either of those fine creators.
    Fred Van Lente: Of course, I had literally JUST subscribed and then, the second issue, Byrne left.
    Fred Van Lente: ARGH!

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    Just tell me what to do to get Fred write AF, I'll do whatever it takes!!! Do you hear me Marvel?????????

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