At today's comic book convention, I picked up some books with previously uncatalogued Alpha Flight appearances:

Encyclopeadia Deadpoolica: This one-shot features a reprint of the wraparound cover to Deadpool #1, with Sasquatch on it, and a blurb about Langkowski from that issue.

Doctor Strange v3 #2: A cameo for Talisman (Michael)

The Marvel Comics Index #9a: a magazine-sized index to the X-Men, published in 1981 which includes b/w cover art to UXM #109, #120, #121 and #140 on which Alpha Flight appear. Note: this was the "gem" of the day, an absolutely scarce publication that I'm never likely to see again.

The Official Marvel Index to the X-Men v2 #3: another index to the X-Men, published in 1994 which includes a color reproduction of the cover to UXM #140, on which Alpha Flight appears.

Marvel Zombies: The Book of Angels, Demons & various Monstrosities: An OHOTMU-style index of zombie stuff, including small images of Zilla Char, The Dreamqueen and Zombie Guardian. BRAAAAAAINS!!

Universe X #4: Shaman accepts a piece of Creel's body

Universe X Sketchbook: Shaman appears in a sketch, the exact same scene as above

The Wolverine Saga #1: Mac and Heather appear, and the artwork from Alpha Flight's 1st app from UXM #121

Maybe Phil can add these to the listing on this site?