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    Default The New series

    Walter Langkowski is driving Agent Jeff Brown. The car is blue, a sporty two-door but roomy. The highway is somewhat empty, it's clear they are not in the city. The sun is going down on their left. As we look outside the car we see the old Department H headquarters looming in the distance. They go past it, staying on the road.

    Brown: Hey, I you missed the turn, we can't get to the old Department H building this way.

    Langkowski: I never said I was going that way.

    Brown: But....

    Langkowski: The building has been gutted, even the wiring and plumbing is gone. Why the government left it standing is beyond me.

    Brown starts to object but thinks better of it.

    Brown: So where are we going??

    Langkowski: I have a project on the go you should see. And I don't want anyone watching.

    They continue past Dept. H and veer off into the woods. Brown is visibly surprised that there seems to be a clear path for them to follow, although they are driving somewhat randomly.

    Brown: Come here often?

    Langkowski: It's my own little private hideaway. Haven't been here in six months. Before that, five years.

    Brown: You said you don't want anyone watching. Don't you think the path we're making could be spotted from the moon?

    Langkowski: Look back.

    Brown does. There is no dust cloud. No tire marks. Nothing to indicate that they have been driving through dense brush at all. Brown frowns, and sits back.

    Brown: Neat trick. I take it no one saw us take the turnoff, either?

    Langkowski: Amazing what you can do when you put your mind to it.

    Brown: So what's in this hideout of yours?

    Langkowski: Top secret. Even SHIELD is asleep on this one.

    Brown grimaces at this last comment. What would the professor be doing that should be kept secret from SHIELD, or anyone else? Langkowski brings the car to a halt.

    Langkowski: Looks as good as it did in the fall.

    Brown: OK, I'll bite. What? That lopsided evergreen? The brush over there?

    The air sizzles a bit and Brown sees an opening in the ground in front of the car. Langkowski enters, Brown follows. The car vanishes, as does the opening.

    Brown: Cloak and dagger stuff is my department. Can't say I enjoy being in the dark on this.

    Langkowski: No more charades, then. You are very much in the light, Agent Brown, and remain one of the few men I know with his head fixed firmly to his spine. When Department H was shut down and gutted, anyone deemed a liability or a potential nuisance was dealt with by CSIS. Except you.

    Brown: Me? I never worked for Department H....

    Langkowski stops short.

    Langkowski: Agent Brown, I'd like you to meet Lieutenant Oculus. Oculus, Brown.

    Brown: This day is just full of surprises. How did you know 'Oculus' ever existed?

    Langkowski: Security around Dept. H wasn't as airtight as you think, especially when it was shutting down.

    They come to a heavily sealed door. Langkowski becomes Sasquatch and opens the door.

    Brown: Nice security feature. Yes, I noted the genetic code module. To get in you need Hulk-level strength and Langkowski biogenetic intelligence.

    Langkowski: Not foolproof, but close enough.

    The door opens to a room that is large and dark, dimly lit. A small but solid brown table sits along one wall, a small laptop on it. Three dark elongated boxes sit beside it, one connected to the laptop.

    Brown: Every mad scientist needs a little place to getaway...

    Langkowski: Or every child.

    Brown inspects the boxes. None are transparent, all seem to be wooden. Langkowski turns on the laptop and a screen of numbers pops up.

    Langkowski: Time we got down to brass tacks. I set up with little barren lab years ago as my private lab, where I could go to experiment as I saw fit, no oversight, my own counsel. When Department H was disbanded the people at CSIS knew you had a lot more potential than being a security chief. They brought you in and gave you responsibility, and kept expanding it. But CSIS couldn't retain its integrity when my team, Alpha Flight, was gutted by the Collective. SHIELD wanted jurisdiction over Canada and private forces wanted control of CSIS. You held off SHIELD by negotiating Omega Flight. The private interests were harder to deal with, being politically powerful.

    So you did your best to keep SHIELD at arms length and the privateers on the outside, all the while running Omega Flight and trying to turn Pointer into an asset. Tough job.

    You kept SHIELD off balance, then the Skrull invasion removed them from the equation. You tried to expel the privateers but it's too late now, Pointer is theirs. Walker's gone back to SHIELD, so you're fast running out of bodies.

    I know you've tried to regain Northstar, Aurora, Diamond Lil. I know they all turned their backs on you. I anticipated all this. I knew that Omega Flight wouldn't work. So I used my lab to set things right.

    Brown: I take it, then, that you know full well who's got Pointer.

    Langkowski: I do. We used to call him Eshu.

    Brown: Hard to believe it's him. I'm sure he's supposed to be dead.

    Langkowski: He was to intelligent to die like that. The man always had a fallback position. Joshua Lord, now Maximillian Wurn. Pointer will lead his reformed Omega Flight, his paramilitary. From where he sits, Eshu must think he can complete the first stage of his takeover unopposed.

    Brown: And I'm here to learn he's wrong. Correct?

    Langkowski smiles. He opens the first box. Clearly inside is Puck, most clearly intact. The next box has Nemesis, clutching Scell, but clearly a taller woman than Weatherley. And the third box, the one attached to the computer...

    Brown: My God, is it really...

    Langkowski: It's him. In the flesh, so to speak. After all, cyborgs do have a way of being rebuilt. He may be more technology than flesh now, but the man is still the man. Time to arouse them. Julia can't be left at home alone. Talisman is on her way.

    Brown stares dumbfounded at Guardian. He slowly smiles and helps wake Puck up.

    Brown: Congratulations, Doctor. While I tried to keep Eshu and SHIELD off-balance, you snuck one past me. Looks like Alpha Flight isn't dead after all.

    Langkowski: Who said it was?

    Guardian, Nemesis, Puck, Sasquatch, Talisman, Arachne; Alpha Flight. Brown accepts the position of Director. Eshu, the Master, marshals his forces (technology-based Tech-Noir, Brain Drain, Strongarm, Sinew, Blacksword, Nail, and Weapon Omega, the only mutant) to take over the 'defence' of Canada, but we know how that'll turn out....
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    Default is this offical?

    is this offical?
    is this offical stuff from marvel? if it is it sounds pretty good.
    hopefully so i've been craving any alpha flight info on the 2008 series.
    if not its still good

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    Um....It's in the fan-fic section, Trewqp. Looks good, Mokole.


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    Default o yah

    o yah silly me...
    but i still like it

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    -- except I never figured Langkowski for being THAT type of scientist. He's a radiologist type who messes with gamma rays, isn't he? When did he become Dr Frankenstein?

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