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When the Skrulls took over (SPOILERS)
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Thread: When the Skrulls took over (SPOILERS)

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    Default When the Skrulls took over (SPOILERS)

    I know I was one of the first to drop the Sasquatch is a Skrull and many people think they got hood winked when they went with the Plodex but Im still saying Walt is Skrull and that the entire team got hood winked in Wolverine when they captured by AIM (the issue when young Mac died) I think that point was a good area to get the Skrulls into the god realm if they studied Narya (the other point into the god realm would be when Mockingbird died in Hell...but we know how that turned out now if you are keeping up with SI)

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    Or he got took at the end of Omega Flight as he did go missing for an unknown amount of time.

    Also were not even sure if he was taken

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