An old work from my over-productive mind.... or what do you think about something like that? do you think it's decent enought to keep working on? ok, now let me explain it....Well, When Civil War first come out, I started to write "through the eyes of the Blackdragon"
(you can find it from here, at ; but, few weeks later, I come out with a sort of sequel, more a "what if", if you want to describe it. It was just an idea, really; in fact, I wrote just a summary, on a flying piece of paper, and I was sure it wasalready in hte bin from almost a couple of years, but this afternoon, while looking inside one of my old notebook, I found that flying piece of paper, with the whole synopsys wrote on it....

"Five years after the cataclysm known as "Decimation", the High Evolutionary was able to restore the mutant gene of all the former Homo Sapiens Superiors. Now, after the Civil War divided the super-hero community on a world-wide level, a new group raised on the soil of the so called "Free Republic of New Genosha"; under the patronage of elected president and first minister MBASA WARII, foreign minister Erik Lehnsherr and U.N. (that ask for their intervention during the hard times), the international team fight word wide and menaces as well. But now that the mutants are again destined to inherit the planet, it's up to the EXTREMES to let the world accept it..."

This was the summary; with it, a summarisation of the main cast.

President of Genosha: Mbasa Warii;
Foreign Minister: Former president Erik Lehnsherr;
Head of the ethical commission for the development of science: Charles Xavier
Director of the Ross University Clinic: Cecilia Reyes

Tomorrow Academy (note: it's a school for both humans and mutants) staff: Directors: Charles Xavier and Erk Lehnsherr; Teachers (among the others): Angelica Johns (formerly Firestar, retired from superhero activity); Shen Xorn ("Xorn"). Notably students: Morgan Vigneaux (Weaked); Laura Howlet (formerly X-23, now just "X"), Mindee, Celeste and Phoebe Frost [note: originally was just Stepford, but, considering the revelation that they are sort of daughters to Emma...], now free from the Phoenix and able to feel again (actual alias; triads; formerly knows as the cuckoos).

Team Leader: James Rhodes/War machine; former member of O.N.E.
notable team members: Ruth Bat-Seraph/Sabra(Mossad, SHIELD, X-corporation; Rhode's vice) [in the original script, it was meant to be Bishop]; Davis Cameron (Slipstream); Pete Wisdom (liaison with the British government; responsible for the Intelligence and second vice of Rhodes) [it wasn't supposed to be here at the beginningf, but i realised that theere was too many women and i had to add some males, so...]; Tharenne (Thor Girl, from Asgard); Cerise (an alien, former love interest to Kurt Wagner); Amanda Safton (Daytripper); Walter Langowsky/Sasquatch

Reserves: Daniel Rand (Iron Fist); Roy Harper/Arsenal (skilled archer; knowledge of almost all the types of weapons; martial artist; after a multiversal disaster, he was exiled from his own dimension to 616 or whatever the marvel universe is called. [note: for the ones who doesn't know him, Roy is former sidekick to green Arrow and his now a member of the jla with the codename, guess what since he is dressed in red and was g.a. sidekick, red arrow]); Christine Stark-Johnson/Blackdragon (liaison with SHIELD, too, due to the fact that she knows director Stark very well-he is her older brother).

Medical officer: Cecilia Reyes.
Research and development unit (with ties with both the Extremes and minor to the Genoshian government): Biology and biophysics: Walter Langowsky; high technology: Christine Stark-Johnson.

So, this is what my story was almost originally about; since it's a period i'm full of ideas, what do you think about it? do you think that i have to continue it? any idea ti├Čo improve it?