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    John Walker, USAgent, after months of whining, has finally got his wish and is now working with the 50 State Initiative back home, assigned to lead the team controlling New York. Beta Ray Bill is now working to rebuild Asgard, though he was sorry to leave Asgard is truly his 'home' now. Michael Pointer, after his stint as Guardian and Weapon Omega, has been reclaimed by SHIELD (after Omega Flight has fully trained him); he is now Peacemaker, Agent of SHIELD.

    This leaves Omega Flight with only Sasquatch, Talisman, and Arachne, when she's not taking care of her daughter, on-side.

    With so many criminals still in and around Canada, the U.S. President has declared Canada a “haven for criminals and terrorists” and SHIELD has made it clear that they will help ‘clean up’ Canada if Canadians can’t handle the job anymore. Both the President and SHIELD leave no doubt: the defence of America is too important to allow Canada to maintain its sovereignty over all internal matters.

    - We find Agent Jeff Brown of Department H's successor, the Canadian Security and Intelligence Service (CSIS), entering the Prime Minister's office. She is not seated as he enters.

    PM (glaring)- I expect you know everything I do?

    Brown- Yes, ma'am. We are doing our best to...

    PM- That's not what I want to hear! We need a team in the field! Not two people and a part-timer. We need a strike team to get after anyone and everyone we deem a threat. Our sovereignty over defence and security is about to be lost and I won't have it!!

    Brown- No ma'am, I have no intention of conceding any area of our sovereignty to the American President or Anthony Stark. I already have two proposals.

    PM- And?

    Brown- We could mass-produce Guardian and Vindicator suits for a select group of agents and soldiers. However, getting them made will take some time and attuning them to the brainwaves of the wearer will take longer. We could simply the design like Tygerstryke's and get around the speed of production issue but our agents would be significantly less effective. That is not my preferred option.

    PM- It is an option, however. How soon could we have, say, 10 Tygerstryke-type agents up and ready?

    Brown- Two weeks at the very earliest.

    PM- What is your other option? Your preferred one?

    Brown- We already have three trained agents in Omega Flight, two we can count on for anything. We could supplement their ranks.

    PM- With who?

    Brown- Losing Walker and Beta Ray Bill was expected, even this soon. Losing Weapon Omega was not. We spent a lot of time and money making him the agent he is and they take him away without a look back. Claerly SHIELD planned this out, it was always part of their '50 State Intiative'. But we gave ourselves options. Allow me to show you...

    PM- Show me what?

    Brown- We have been working with the knowledge gleaned from Weapon X, Department K, and Department H. I even brought in General Chasen from his hospital to fill in any blanks.

    PM- Chasen? He didn't bully his way into running the show?

    Brown- He's a shell of a man, he barely has the energy to walk anymore. But his mind still works and he was keen to put in his two cents.

    Brown goes to the computer and activiates a file called "Logarithmic Protocols". The heading in it is "Flight Program".

    PM- What is this?

    Brown- Twenty years of work, summarized. When I was known as Lieutenant Oculus this was my forté.

    PM- What's this here, "Department K Agent"?

    Brown- Even though all of Weapon PRIME has been killed (Yeti, Tygerstryke, Double trouble, Killspree/Killjoy/Killrate (Cleft, Depth Charge, Flagstone)) they did find a person who fit a physiology plan, Matthew Aglukark, who we now can use. With a push and tweak from Langkowski Aglukark can control molecules to make them stationary and thus like clubs, shielding, or simply to hold himself in place and thus much stronger and impossible to move. He's an Inuit Department H discovered a while back, his unique physiology was understood but we didn't know how to tweak him to make his abilities come to the fore.

    Brown opens a file called "Superhuman Agents-Status". This is what it shows:

    Deceased Agents- Flight Program:
    Roger Bochs (Box)
    Heather Hudson (Guardian, Vindicator)
    James Hudson (Weapon Alpha, Guardian, Vindicator, Guardian)
    Eugene Judd (Puck)*
    Bernie Lachenay (Manbot)
    Chuck Moss (Earthmover)
    Rutherford Princeton (Centennial)
    Michael Twoyoungmen (Shaman, Talisman, Shaman)
    Louis Sadler, Jr. (Major Mapleleaf)
    Marrina Smallwood (Marrina)
    Wang Hua (Auric)
    Wang Li (Silver)
    Amelia Weatherly (Nemesis)
    Zuzha Yu (Puck)

    Former Agents- Flight Program:
    Ananym (Witchfire, Nemesis) [Ontario]
    Jeanne-Marie Beaubier (Aurora) [Europe]
    Jean-Paul Beaubier (Northstar) [Europe]
    Sean Bernard (groundhog) [retired police officer, British Columbia]
    Goblyn Dean [unknown at this time, possibly depowered]
    Laura Dean (Pathway) [unknown at this time, possibly depowered]
    Kyle Gibney (Wild Child, Weapon Omega, Wildheart, Wild Child) [unknown at this time]
    James Howlett (Weapon X, Wolverine) [X-Men/Avengers]
    Lillian Jefferies (Diamond Lil) [United States]
    Madison Jefferies (Box) [possible Weapon X affiliation]
    Kara Killgrave (Purple Girl, Persuasion) [United States]
    Jodi Lafleur (Stitch) [unknown at this time, possibly deceased]
    Albert Louis (Feedback) [Ontario]
    Narya (Snowbird) [Northern Gods realm]
    Harlan Papillon (Wyre) [unknown at this time, possibly depowered]
    St. Elmo [effectively deceased]
    Alec Thorne (Smart Alec) [unknown at this time, possibly deceased]
    Whitman Knapp (Manikin) [unknown at this time, possibly depowered]
    Yukotujakzurjimozoata (Yukon Jack) [back with his people in Kemteron; unstable]

    Depowered Agents-Flight Program:
    Adrian Corbo (Flex)
    Jared Corbo (Radius)
    Felix Greenbaum (Ouija)
    Colin Hume (Windshear)
    Lilli Masters (Ghost Girl)
    Arlette Truffaut (Murmur)
    Edgar Worth (Flinch)

    Flight Program Re-Initiation: Recruit follow-up:
    Ananym (Nemesis) - refusal, possible future status
    Jeanne-Marie Beaubier (Aurora) - refusal
    Jean-Paul Beaubier (Northstar) - refusal
    Goblyn Dean - not located
    Laura Dean (Pathway) - not located
    Kyle Gibney (Wild Child) - refusal
    Lillian Jefferies (Diamond Lil) - refusal
    Madison Jefferies (Box) - not located
    Kara Killgrave (Persuasion) - consideration - defence request
    Whitman Knapp (Manikin) - not located
    Jodi Lafleur (Stitch) - deceased
    Walter Langkowski (Sasquatch) - accept
    Albert Louis (Guardian) - accept
    Narya (Snowbird) - not located
    Harlan Papillon (Wyre) - not located
    Elizabeth Twoyoungmen (Talisman) - accept

    Current update:
    Goblyn Dean - depowered
    Laura Dean (Pathway) - depowered
    Whitman Knapp (Manikin) - depowered
    Harlan Papillon (Wyre) - deceased
    Eugene Judd (Puck) - still alive?
    Matthew Aglukark - consideration [possible code name Nanuq or Inuksuk, his choice]

    Omega Flight process in progress. Flight Program database updated. Omega Flight predicted to be unstable, members with authority issues and no ties to Flight/Canada, predict team will dissolve in under two years without outside support re: Agents. Projections state Flight Program to be ultimately fulfilled; Sasquatch, Guardian, Talisman, Persuasion, and ‘Nanuq’; is Puck alive, can Snowbird be reclaimed, Arachne availability? Exe File Chasen, Subfile Proctor, dikk/018-32F/unlock-alpha/coad7. Set time limit and signal authorities when markers collated. Allow team site practice until full initiation. Organize holdover files, Logarithmic Protocols, destroy enhanced information.

    PM- Impressive. How ready can your recruits be?

    Brown (sly smile)- Guardian and Nanuq have been training for two months. It's nice for Guardian he can power the suit and the suit can power him, he was born to be Guardian. They're ready. We've prepared Arachne for part-time status. And Puck will lead.

    PM- But he's dead!

    Brown- The man's attachment to Razaar has proven quite useful for him, after the Collective incident. He's well-nigh immortal and now resistant to magic. And Persuasion is on board too. We've given her a force field and flight capability. Don't want to leave her vulnerable in the field. With Puck immune to magic, Guardian immune to energy attacks, and Persuasion immune to psi-powers, we'll be more than formidable. SHIELD will be unhappy with our rapid response. With them, and the X-Men aligning themselves with the Devils of this world to re-ignite their so-called 'homo superior culture', we'll have to be all that and more.

    PM- How soon can you send out the full team?

    Brown- Puck is team leader and Sasquatch, Talisman, Guardian, Arachne, and Nanuq are ready. Give Persuasion a week and she'll join them. And if we can ever get Snowbird to join...

    PM- Do you have a target selected? We need to call off SHIELD's hounds as soon as possible.

    Brown- Our intel says that their failed Thunderbolt program team is in Quebec. I'm sending Omega Flight to mop the floor with them.

    PM- Is that wise, they're...

    Brown- They have no one who can stop Talisman. No one in Sasquatch's league. Guardian could ground them all himself. They won't be able to hurt Nanuq but he can hurt them. Puck and Arachne, if she goes, can handle themselves in that mix. And with Puck's strategy and decision-making ability, the Thunderbolts will wonder why they ever came north for a 'safe haven'.

    PM- How much can we count on Arachne?

    Brown- Not as much as I'd like. Maybe 30% of the missions. She is a single parent and determined to raise her daughter herself. Trust me, Persuasion will make up for her when she joins!

    The new Omega Flight (Puck, Sasquatch, Talisman, Guardian, Nanuq, Arachne, and Persuasion) rocket into action! If Marvel wants to know where to take Omega Flight next....
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    The team is set up. Persuasion is still getting used to her new equipment and how to access it all properly, so she is currently on reserve status. Arachne is a full team member but does not train with the team, she spends time away from battle with her daughter. The Prime Minister is taking a more involved role early on; she wants to know exactly who and what Nanuq is. She goes to the CSIS testing center with Walter Langkowski.

    PM: So am I to take it that Aglukark is some sort of mutant??

    WL: No, Madam Prime Minister.

    PM: Is he like Princeton was, a biological misfit?

    WL: Hardly, ma'am. Matthew, well, maybe I should give you the full background. Context will help.

    PM: Carry on.

    WL: Back in the 1960's a scientist, Professor Nathan Fox, proposed that human evolution would eventually get rid of all vestige organics and that our DNA would lose the 'junk' DNA that are also vestiges. He theorized that, in time, people would evolve a cleaner set of human characteristics. This would allow people to develop better; become faster, stronger, more agile and durable, longer life spans. He believed that this was the next complete step in human evolution. People would then improve their mental abilities and have a much better sense of the world around them, almost a sixth sense.

    PM: So he was proposing that in time humans would evolve superhuman physical abilities and mental powers? Something like a cross between you, the Hulk, and Professor Xavier?

    WL: No, no. nothing like that. He believed that all humans would evolve into superior physical humans, yes, but no Hulks and certainly not all geniuses. On average faster. stronger, smarter. But the big idea was that without all the nonsense parts we would improve our sense of the world, have a much better feel for our surroundings, so much so that we'd seem to have ESP and precog abilities to people of today, without actually having those exact abilities. Simply better and more complete understanding of... everything.

    PM: How did his theory take into account x-gene mutants?

    WL: It didn't. X-gene mutants, or Homo superior as some mutants like to say, are somewhat of an offshoot, they have mutated genes that are 97% of the time lethal. Most are accused by exposure to radioactive and chemical agents. With our exponentially greater use of nuclear technology and concentrated chemical agents, more and more mutants are being born.

    PM: So you're saying mutants aren't the next step in evolution.

    WL: Not in the least. The genes that cause these mutations aren't hard-wired. They can be lost in meiosis quite easily, or overwritten in mitosis. My own studies have shown that the genes that cause mutations will not be passed on to grandchildren 37% of the time. Without new mutations, mutants will eventually disappear.

    PM: Do mutants know this, like Persuasion or Guardian? Have you told them?

    WL: I have published my findings and talked to them about it. They both don't seem to care. I think Kara doesn't want children and if she had some she'd hope they didn't share her mutation. The Killgrave legacy isn't one she wants to see continue, really. Albert can't have children anyway.

    PM: I take it most mutants dismiss your arguments.

    WL: I'd bet close to 90% hate me for even suggesting that they aren't the next evolutionary stage. But Reed Richards, Sue Storm, Amadeus Cho, anyone who understands the heart of what humans are know I'm right. Mutants exist and continue to exist because the human race creates them.

    PM: So what is Aglukark, then?

    WL: As we are Homo sapiens sapiens, Matthew and people like him would be, according to Fox, Homo sapiens darwinus.

    PM: How do you know Aglukark is one of these, and not just a sport?

    WL: Ah, Madam Prime Minister, you remember your biology quite well. According to Professor Fox virtually no Homo sapiens darwinus would appear for maybe 1000 years, maybe 2000. However, he believed that it would be possible for such an individual to be born today "if the stars aligned and Hell froze over". To be a Homo sapiens darwinus you'd have no vestiges and what Fox declared 'clean' DNA. Matthew has that. No tonsils, no coccyx, no appendix...

    PM: So is he the first of this supposed new evolutionary species?

    WL: Likely not. Their was a man, Wang Tao, who died about 500 years ago in Beijing. He was from a low-caste family but was amazingly talented, never seemed to get sick, a physical marvel in his day. He was put in the army and was described as the best soldier from the first day of battle. He quickly rose and was made a commander by the age of 21. His exploits were legendary and he's rumoured to have lived for 138 years before being assassinated by a rival to the Emperor. Tao seemed to know what his enemies were doing before they could strike, could move faster, lift more, take on more enemies, 'read minds'. Matthew is like that.

    PM: Agent Brown lead me to believe his powers were similar to Windshear's.

    WL: No, not like that. He can read his opponents, get more information that we can, and he has a feel for his local universe like no other.

    PM: Meaning?

    WL: For example, he can reverse the polarity of Guardian's attack, or evade Talisman's magic. Or he can create force waves with little effort, simply because he grasps how the universe around him works better than any of us could. You know how some people seem to have sort of a sixth sense, or can beat odds sometimes, lucky people, or those who have a good intuition? That's Nanuq all the time. They have snippets of what he is. They can gain access to a higher level of being sometimes, he does it all the time. Watch him here; the team is in training now.

    PM: What's the objective?

    WL: They need to stay on the platform. No touching the walls, floor, or ceiling. They can fly or float. But no contacting anything but the platform.

    PM: Talisman and Guardian would seem to have an advantage over Puck and Nanuq. They can move up and blow their opponents off the platform easily.

    WL: Just watch.

    As the event unfolds Guardian moves instantly to take out Nanuq, constantly moving himself. Talisman also attacks Nanuq but tries to get after Puck too. In no time at all Guardian hits the wall, Puck tries to sneak attack Nanuq but is thrown from the platform, and Talisman finds herself trying to remain in control of her position. Her magic doesn't seem to do what she wants to Nanuq. She tries to fly around him but loses control and hits the wall. It's over.

    PM: Impressive! He took less that 5 minutes to win! Amazing!

    WL: Last time I was in there instead of Puck. Took him 18 minutes because the three of us agreed to take him out first. He doesn't always win at our trials but he's better than 50%.

    PM: So where did this super man come from?

    WL: He was born and raised in Taloyoak. Quite remote and isolated. About a month before Department K was destroyed Professor Fox found him. I was told and followed up. CSIS brought him here just after his 18th birthday. His parents agreed wholeheartedly.

    PM: How was the culture shock?

    WL: Not bad. His ability to immerse himself in his surroundings and understand them made it any easy transition. He speaks fluent English already. Quite the man. Ahead of his time.

    PM: I'd like to talk to your team. I assume Puck is now your official leader? I should talk to him first.

    WL: We followed Judd when we took down the Thunderbolts. No need to stop now. Arachne should be in within the hour. Persuasion is in the equipment lab, I'll have her join us.

    PM: An interesting team you have here. James and Heather would be proud.

    WL: I'm sure they are. We won't let you, or them, down. Omega Flight is going to be more than anyone is expecting. SHIELD can go home and stay there. The North is our's to protect, now.

    PM: The more I see this team, the more I agree with you. Ah, Mr. Judd,....

    And so the adventures of the world's greatest team, Omega Flight, continue! I tell you, this would be a fun and powerful team to write about.
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    It's two years later. Omega Flight has been a running success. Since their initial capture of the Initiative Thunderbolts their success rate has been astounding. Even when Puck was downed by a mysterious extra-dimensional illness and Nanuq had to take over field command, the team has taken on every challenge successfully.

    However, clouds are on the horizon.

    SHIELD refuses to work with Omega Flight and CSIS. The Pointer affair and Thunderbolts gaffe put them on a bad footing and things got worse when Omega Flight took down the Montana Intiative team after they had crossed into Canada under false pretences. To compound matters, Canadian cartoonists have been making fun of SHIELD, drawing cartoons with Iron Man serving at a drive-thru window, SHIELD agents taking odd jobs, and so on.

    The X-Men also have a frosty relationship with the team. Beast (Henry McCoy) is now the overall leader of all the mutants, who are now more unified than any time in the past. Those in the know are alternately disgusted and horrified that Nanuq may represent the true future of humanity, that mutants are really no more than mutants, not the result of evolutionary processes. Beast has argued that Nanuq is an anamoly, not a foreshadow. However, under his leadership mutants have become more and more followers of Magneto. His alliances have made the X-Men almost as powerful as SHIELD.

    Oddly, the one mutant who has not claimed to his people that Nanuq is an anamoly is Apocalypse. As a result Apocalypse has been marginalized by Beast and the X-Men. While Beast and his compatriots want to believe that mutants are the next step in evolution, McCoy himself has doubts about what may be true 2000 years in the future. But his interests now lie in mutant ideology and that is what he protects and promotes.

    The general populace knows nothing of Homo sapiens darwinus, just that Omega Flight is doing a bang-up job. The Prime Minister has not been above invoking them in her speeches. Re-election is assured. And with the effects of the U.S. Civil War over and done with, new problems will arise...

    Sasquatch: OK people, take a good look around. No surprises.

    Nanuq: The SugarMan and Dark Beast used to run this facility. Now both work for McCoy. SHIELD now runs the place.

    Talisman: So we need to watch out for traps. Are you sure the mutates are still here?

    Nanuq: I can still feel their movements, same as last time.

    Arachne: I can't understand SHIELD. They know what these things are and what they've done, 11 dead. 11 that we know of. Why are they protecting them?

    Sasquatch: We're on American soil note, so this is a recon mission, we can't arrest them. Persuasion should be back soon with more details. What do you two know?

    Nanuq: The place is coarsing with electricity. I'd guess 12 guards on the perimeter, 7 sensors.

    Talisman: My spells reveal 24 weapons, land mines (land mines!) and three undeground levels.

    Persuasion arrives.

    Persuasion: You're not going to believe this.

    Sasquatch: Try us.

    Persuasion: They're taking the mutates and making them into bio-sentinels, all three of them. And they are getting help from SugarMan, with Beast's blessing.

    Sasquatch: (sighing deeply) All, right let's head home. We can't do anything yet, we don't want an international incident. We'll regroup across the border at Circle Spot ZE. Go!

    The team heads home to fill in the recuperating Puck, and Guardian too. Whatever SHIELD is up to, and the X-Men too, can't be good. Quietly, CSIS informs the British Black Air, the Russian Super Soldiers, and Big Hero Six of the news. These three groups are their closest allies. Omega Flight talks strategy.

    Guardian: OK, so now we know what that facility is doing. Why? What is going on?

    Sasquatch: After talking with Puck I have to agree with him. We've heard rumours of a new class of sentinel, SHIELD and the X-Men comparing notes. I think they've come to an understanding. SHIELD wants control, more than it's ever had. North America, the Northern Hemisphere, the World, maybe, and they've co-opted the X-Men to help. They want to ensure security and the only way to do that is to take over all our security.

    Guardian: What should we do.

    Sasquatch: We need more evidence. We need to find where they're sending those sentinels. Here? Russia? Europe? The Middle East? I have no doubt those sentinels will be sent out on missions but declared 'rogues', escapees with their own agenda. Then they can justify moving into anyone's territory after the sentinels. Planned failure.

    Talisman: But why get the X-Men involved?

    Arachne: It's a new world in SHIELD's eyes. "You're either with us or against us." The X-Men are the most powerful bloc after SHIELD and they just picked a side. Mutual agreement, we get rid of the competition then it's best group wins, with control of whatever the goal is at stake.

    Nanuq: We've worked with the Crimson Dynamo and Big Hero Six before. They'll help. Or we'll help them.

    Persuasion: I'd put us or the Russians as the first target. SHIELD is still on Black Air's good side, and Excalibur is in tight with the X-Men. Could war be on the horizon?

    Sasquatch: Good point. If we or the Super Soldiers are attacked, we'll have to respond in kind or allow SHIELD and the X-Men to control the playing field. Maybe it's time we created our own 'accidental' pre-emptive strike?

    Which is exactly what they do. With Nanuq and Arachne keeping an eye out for the sentinels, Sasquatch and Talisman coordinate with the Russians and Japanese. As planned, the Crimson Dynamo and Gogo Tomago go to Canada but fly through American airspace at a precise time, knowing SHIELD's plans. SHIELD has the sentinels 'escape' and attack the 'trespassers', who (unbeknownst to SHIELD) have clearance from Montana's governor to be in the airspace. The Crymson Dynamo and Tomago team up with Omega Flight (who were 'luckily' nearby and able to render assistance) to destroy two of them and chase the third one off. SHIELD claims the experimentals sentinels sensed the two intruders and attacked without orders, they simply went rogue. While OF and their allies can't disprove it, they have taken away the 'rogues' and made SHIELD and the X-Men's plan untenable, for the moment.
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