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Hmmm...That would be enough to push me to buy a metal baseball bat and head to the Marvel offices.
Well, maybe it could be done properly.
I'm sure it could.
Dana, do you want to borrow my katana?

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Well...Only if fans let themselves get bogged down with continuity, which many fans do these days...Unfortunatey, there would be just too many anal-retentive fans whining about it for it to work.
I've developed a theory about that recently, being one of those anal-retentive bogged down whiners (I'm saying that without irony, just admitting Dana's right).
It's simply that we fans spend a lot of time and money and emotion getting attached to these characters and learning everything we can about them - that's kind of the point, isn't it? - so when some new writer comes along and tells us everything we've learned is wrong, or ignores it, they've thrown away that emotional, financial, temporal investment. Oddly enough, some of us get annoyed by that...

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