Ok here's my latest figure. I've had the urge to do a Moon Knight figure for a while now. I think he's a neat character and I'd have to say that the recent series that came out was a huge kick in the pants. His look is pretty closely based off of that costume, but for the most part I just stuck to the detailing that was already available on the donor figure. Originally I was going to make him out of a white Microman male, but that just didn't seem right. After busting my brain trying to figure out what else I could use it finally hit me: the extra SHS Punisher figure sitting in my parts bin!

The sculpting worked really well for Moon Knight, as he already had a bunch of straps, pouches and buckles all over the place. I cut the gun off his right leg, as well as the belt buckle. Then I painted him white and added a few touches of silver on the buttons and buckles to give it a little depth. For the chest logo, once again some painted paper glued onto the chest. As a smaller touch, I also gave him a nice little silver half-moon for a belt buckle. (It was supposed to be a full moon, but I accidentally broke it in half. Ooops.)

The head and cape were the toughest. The SHS Punisher head is really ugly, but that was ok since Moony wears a mask. I sculpted over the head, leaving a little of the nose and ear shaping underneath. I also made sure to leave some good indentation around the eyes, so that they'd look creepy when I painted them a nice blue color. The cape took several tries to get right, and was a lot of frustration. I'm still not happy with it, and I think I'm going to have to find a new material to work with. This particular fabric dries a little brittle after it's painted and gets a little papery. It is likely also a problem with the paint. sadly I don't have anything else to use, so for now I'm stuck with what I've got.

So here he is: Moon Knight!

Asking for guidance from...

Khonshu, Egyptian god of vengeance.

Ready for action!

Closeup of head sculpt and cape

"That's it! I'm gonna go kick Batman's butt. He's such a wannabe me!"