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    Another OHOTMU book came out today... first one in a long time... technically it's not "OHOTMU" since the official title is "Secret Wars: Official Guide to the Marvel Multiverse." OGTTMM is harder to say than OHOTMU. Anyway, Alpha Flight shows up in two entries:

    -In the 3pg entry for Secret Wars II (the one from 1985), Sasquatch and Snowbird appear in the main illustration by Ron Wilson. Cannot pin the source of the illustration, but I'll figure it out. (EDIT: Asked and answered on another board http://www.cxpulp.com/showthread.php...ll=1#post73850 - much thanks to A ROM Curator from cxpulp)

    -In the 5pg entry for the Ultimate Universe, Ultimate Alpha Flight appears. It's a thumbnailed splash page from Ultimate X-Men #94 by Mark Brooks.

    It has a ton of info about Secret Wars, which turned out to be a huge event which I didn't get every single issue, so I'm glad to have this reference and even super gladder that Alpha Flight showed up inside!
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