I love my new camera, so I thought while I had it and some of the other playsets out I might as well take decent pictures of my other customs too. This was my first, and is a simple paint job on a black material force. I used a white gundam pen, which was tough, but it did the trick. I like this guy a lot better than the Legends Showdown symbiote Spiderman I got a while back. More posability and he doesn't fall apart nearly so much.

Taking a breather.


"Hey what's that buzzing noise?"

"It's the Green Goblin!"

"i'll just hang out here where he can't see me..."

"You can't hide from me Spiderman! Bwahahah"

Speaking of ML Showdown figures, I'm still in need of a few from wave 3 and all of wave 4. Can anyone help a brutha out?!