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Simply I am
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    Default Simply I am

    A room that has seen better days. Guardian is against the far wall, his battlesuit in tatters. Gloating in the middle of the room are Venom and Green Goblin, the last ones standing of the Thunderbolts. No Omegans remain standing but Guardian.

    Venom: A good fight, Hudson, I always enjoy that. Nothing feels better. You knew you couldn't win but you came anyway.

    Goblin: There's no honour in fighting a lost cause! Hudson is supposed to be some sort of genius, but here he sits, with his followers in tatters!

    Venom: Ah, but a fight is worth fighting, no matter what the odds! Isn't that right, Hudson?

    Guardian: Why do you keep saying that?

    Goblin: What?

    Guardian: Hudson. Why 'Hudson'?

    Goblin: Are you changing your name??

    Guardian: Who said I was Hudson?

    A blinding flash catches both Goblin and Venom off guard. An incredible surge of electricity blows them through the wall. Goblin does not get up. Venom tries, but is pulverized by a second shockwave. He collapses in a heap, the symbiote sliding off. Guardian takes the cell capacitor out of his suit and sees that it is drained. He puts it back in place and goes to help his teammates.

    Guardian: Hudson.... He has a daughter to take care of. I'm a bit more free with my time. Call me Mr. Louis, nutjobs.
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    haha nice

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