At Mike Martz talks about this:

Goodhomerjay1 -- I've just seen in a promo-art on Newsarama that apparently, Aurora is finally coming back, alongside her brother Northstar!

Mike Marts -- Yes, indeed.

I couldn't be happier, to see at least two Alpha Flight members back in a core X-book. But, I can't help but wonder about this: is Jean-Paul's history with Hydra going to be cleared up when he rejoins the team, and is whatever Jeanne-Marie did after her disappearance in Weapon X #22 going to be revealed as well?

Mike Marts -- Yes, both Jean-Paul’s Hydra connections and Jeanne-Marie’s departure from Weapon X will be acknowledged. Mike Carey is familiar with the recent history of both characters, and while we may not get too deep into these items right away, we’ll eventually have the time to properly explore the lives of Northstar and Aurora.