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    Default Department H

    OK, who should run it?

    DND is Department of National Defence

    NSC is National Science Center
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    Heather hands down could deal with the beaurocracy! Mac could handle the R&D, perhaps! Michael the Medical! Walt and Eugene the tactical and field units! Elizabeth and Narya the supernatural! But Heather should head the entity if anyone!

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    Default If there must be a Dept. H...

    A bureaucrat who has some real sense of duty to defending Canada, not some super-paranoid nutjob bent on creating more threats to Canada than thwarting them. My personal preference is AGENT K. Second choice, Frank Hulme. Third choice, Mr. Farnum.

    ADDENDUM: Department H makes less and less sense to me: according to the Mantlo version, Gary Cody funds AF just to spy on them because he doesn't trust super-folks to be loyal to Canada (XM/AF's "Blast from the Past" also presents Cody as a lot less honorable then he tried to come across to Heather); then, General Clark and his crew give Sunfire cancer (or accelerate it), brand new recruits like Lili/Ghost Girl, and brainwash the members of Alpha Flight to stay in the fold. Their own supposed government felt the need to brainwash a former secretary, a former government agent, and a whole lot of kids to do what it wanted them to do. Puck, justifiably so, should have been ticked (he agreed to address the issue in V2#13, but didn't get a chance to), and Heather should, too.

    I don't understand how Colcord, who doesn't seem to have any special powers to my knowledge, manages to keep an awful lot of powerful mutant bad-guys like MESMERO in check. But he manages to survive getting gutted by Wolverine, whereas Northstar* (and a whole bunch of other baddies, super and non) didn't.

    The real Alpha Flight should be duty-bound to put this incarnation of Department H out of business, permanently, as well as the entire WEAPON X program. Or die trying.

    * yeah, I got it; story-line was good, too.
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    I opted for Chasen. I know he's a bit of a pillock, but Alpha need someone like him. At least he is open in his duplicity, Cody pretended to be a friend while trying to do them in the ankles.

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    I didn't vote because there wasn't a "none of the above" featured. I think Dept H needa to take a back seat. The hallways of the place are so convuluted that it's confusing as hell.

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    I voted for Heather, but really wanted to vote for Don Cherry! He wouldn't take any guff and he would say it like it is!

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    I voted for DND, I see Alpha Flight operating much as Joint Task Force 2 (Canada's Counter Terrorism Unit). Or as part of the RCMP.

    Department of National Defence - Official Canada Website

    Department of National Defence (Canada)

    Joint Task Force 2 - Offical Canada Website

    Canadian Special Forces (JTF-2) - Wikipedia

    [RCMP CSIS] Royal Canadian Mounted Police (Div.16) - "Canadian Security Intelligence Serviceā€.
    Mandate: Foreign and Domestic Security and Intelligence. (Canada's FBI, CIA, NSA, etc...)

    [RCMP SERT] Royal Canadian Mounted Police (Div.17) - "Superhuman Emergency Response Team".
    Mandate: Counter Terrorism, Hostage Rescue, and Special Police Services. (Canada's version of SHIELD)

    [RCMP PSIS] Royal Canadian Mounted Police (Div.1 - "Paranormal Supernatural Investigation Service". Mandate: Investigate Paranormal, Supernatural, and other Unexplained Phenomena. (Canada's version of SHIELD)

    [RCMP AF] Royal Canadian Mounted Police (Div.19) - "Alpha Flight"
    Mandate: Superhuman Counter Terrorism, Hostage Rescue, and Special Police Services.

    Just a few ideas

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