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Thread: Guess who's been bored :D (Dial Up Users Beware!)

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    Phil, I love the four "Repo Man" images you posted to Del. Is there any way I could get the Snowbird images for my avatar? (Not that I'm dissatisfied with the nice image I have already! )

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    Default Re: Alpha Flight Cartoon Appearances

    Quote Originally Posted by mvranas
    In addition to the two X-Men TAS episodes Del mentioned (Repo Man & Slave Island), Alpha Flight made a very brief appearance in Child of Light, part 5 of the Phoenix Saga. Shaman, Northstar, Aurora and Snowbird were shown rescuing citizens of Athens, Greece from a tumbling pillar.
    See, had I been sober I would have remembered that as well seeing as I own it.

    Quote Originally Posted by PWalk
    Wait a second... AF made an appearance on that crappy X-Men saturday morning cartoon?

    $20 to the first person who can put that on a disc for me to watch. Seriously
    Seeing as we're a legal law-abiding site, who does have contact with executives who work for the company that own these copyrighted characters, I'd just like to point out that disc piracy is illegal, and also that both of the episodes marked above are actually available to buy on dvd; Repo Man on "X-Men: Wolverine's Story" and Child of Light on "X-Men: The Phoenix Saga".

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