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Thread: Census of Curiousity

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    I have absolutely no issues with folk's orientation.

    I'm secure enough in my own to admit to having been attracted to other women, but alas, never followed up on any of them cause they were in dedicated relationships at the time (both with guys and other gals) sigh...

    Here's a cute aside on a similar bent. My very good friend - who I was roomies with till she moved to Victoria- is Bi-sexual, but she teasingly refers to it as "greedy"! LOL! I STILL think this is cute and I had to share.

    And similar to the interest in the adorable blonde mountie lad, you HAVE to know how much I adore Kyle aka Wildchild. *purrrrrrrrrrr* Yup, rabid fangirl of the first order! *snicker*

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    Well I am straight but have no problems with people of other sexual orientations.
    Richard Vasseur

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