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    (They've been mentioned before, but...)

    #2 is Marvel Swimsuit Edition #1, which has an article 'by Northstar'. I was in a different town (Adelaide) when it came out, and thought I could pick it up as easily a few days later when I got home...

    #1 is the first appearance of Alpha Flight. I don't mean a copy of Uncanny #120, I have that. I mean the original artwork. Two of the pages, ones with AF on them, were on sale here in Canberra when I just started collecting. (I remember Shaman reaching into his pouch being one of them.)

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    Quote Originally Posted by rplass View Post
    I found a copy of the 2003 Marvel Universe Roleplaying Game: Guide to the X-Men. It has a blurb about Alpha Flight and a full bio for Northstar, who was an X-Man at the time. Never played the game but it's a fun read, especially since they go into real nice detail about various groups and characters. When I get the chance I'll post a scan of the Northstar bio.
    Apologies for the near 4 year bump!
    Was this just reproduced art?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Phil View Post
    Apologies for the near 4 year bump!
    Was this just reproduced art?
    No problem. We don't have a no-bump rule here!

    The art is reproduced, yes.
    Here it is, for the curious:
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