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Thread: Comics this week

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    This week I bought......:
    StarJammers #1 - Meh. I didn't really like it that much....
    Exiles #49 - It was pretty good. Loved the art but the writing is still not working for me in this book.
    Uncanny X-Men #446 - I loved this issue! The art is great and so is the writing! Claremont and Davis is the best team ever! (but I still want Wolvie out of this book.........)
    and last but not least.....
    Alpha Flight #5!
    This issue was very good. The best this series has had yet!

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    Re Starjammers : I was kinda interested in this when I first heard about it, but when it became clear it was gonn abe slightly different than the way I knew them I kinda thought nope.

    Re Exiles and AF : I don't read Exiles, but have picked up a couple of issues for Alt Af appearences. With AF, I'm with ya 100%

    As for Uncanny, I'm glad that Claremont is back on the book and agree that it's the best UXM has been in a very long while, very reminiscent of when I first read it. Unfortunately I resally do not care enough about any of the characters and think Wolvie is being over used big time. In a way I'm glad he never came back to AF, it would have been okay for dragging in new readers, but all long before he would have taken over the book completely and it became Wolvie and his Amazing Friends.

    Driftwood: Well, I got about a foot and a half. Now, it says, uh, "The party of the second part shall be known in this contract as the party of the second part."
    Fiorello: Well, I don't know about that...
    Driftwood: Now what's the matter?
    Fiorello: I no like-a the second party, either.
    Driftwood: Well, you should've come to the first party. We didn't get home 'til around four in the morning... I was blind for three days!

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    As long as his appearance is thought out and has a reason aside boosting sales, Wolverine's always welcome in AF due to his longstanding friendship with Mac & Heather and his newer true friendship to Puck (hey, they go fishing together!)

    To border creator bashing, I would not accept a free issue of Starjammers because I really consider KJA to be the premier hack of modern times. Uninspired, often cliche, and his prose reads exactly as it was written: spoken into voice recognition software with no more subsequent editing than it takes to remove the "uhs'and "ums". He bills himself as a bestselling author, but he's had no success standing on his own: either he's partnered with Beason or he's writing other people's properties.
    Dark Horse should thank KJA: he's the reason I stopped my completionist attitude of Star Wars comics, and once that happened, it wasn't long before I took a hard look at my Star Wars buying, which led me to drop Republic and Empire. I've gotten the Infinities (GREAT STUFF!) and the movie adaptations, but nothing else.

    I do solemnly swear not to indulge in further KJA and/or current Starjammer conversations on the principle "if you have nothing nice to say" but really needed to rant when I saw Starjammers brought up.

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