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Thread: Ben's Bit - Alpha Flight #3 Review

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    Quote Originally Posted by ladymako71
    but I'm with Zuzha and the whole 'french maid's uniform' thing. chick thing I suppose.
    Must be.... although I gotta say... the dream sequence....

    Quote Originally Posted by ladymako71
    (promoted, promoted! I just got promoted! =p)
    Welcome to Beta Flight, (hope you survive the experience)
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    Default Re: Thoughts on Issue #3

    One of the few things that didnt work for me was the fact that the Plodex weren't green (like kozzi, i expected them to be because all of the Collector's collection were green).

    I always thought that the reason the Earth Plodex were green were because their eggs were contaminated by the local fish/plant life.
    I haven't read the issue where the Plodex are first seen so maybe I'm missing something, but I don't see the big deal about their colour.

    I'm rather white or pinkish in colour. The gentleman that lives across the street from me is a dark brown, however. A lady I work with has sort of a yellowish tinge to her skin. You see where I'm going with this?

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    What we see are also pure plodex in thier environment. You can't look past what an environment would do to them when they are hybred. There are also some of the pure plodex that have a yellowish/greenish colour to them.


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