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Thread: Is Northstar still an Xman?

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    Default More Readers needed?

    MORE readers??? I haven't even been able to find an issue yet.... Which is undoubtedly a good sign... but it does kinda suck y'know?

    Quote Originally Posted by Richv1
    So lets us make sure to spread the word and maybe get a few more readers to help keep it going. If it makes maoney for Marvel they will keep it going.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DelBubs
    Scot Lobdel has said he has no plans to use NS for the forseeable future
    That's a pity considering he was wanting to bring him in as a guest star over in Gambit before it got canned.

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    The sprites are cute, just like the X-babies. Its been a while since we visited Mojo World isn't it about time to visit there again? It could make for an interesting story having Alpha being transported there to entertain the viewers.
    Richard Vasseur

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