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Thread: You know what's great about the new Alpha Flight?

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    Well it would be nice to have Alpha Flight make a return and to have them handled better. Do it a a serious comic.
    Richard Vasseur

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    Gamma Flight

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    I don't like 'em that much. Everything about this team was just so ametuer. They whole series seemed to focus way too much on humor then an actual team for super-heroing. Most of the characters where half-evil anyway, forced to fight for not-good, but oportunism. Lame.

    However, some characters they created were lasting and interesting. Puck and Major Mapleleaf have a lot of crossover potential. They're romance would have been something fun to watch instead of just see the result of; MML trying to straighten Puck out, and Puck trying to loosen MML up, so cute...

    Alpha Flight needs a "real world" application; return the power of Department H and the Canadian people, make AF a public institution again, make it dark.

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