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Thread: Letter To Marvel

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    Quote Originally Posted by Major Mapleleaf Jr
    I need to get a letter into New Mutants/New X-Men now. I sure post enough on the boards (up to over 700 posts), LOL!
    Registered but never posted - only just caught up reading the book to be honest and I so DON'T want it to change too much!

    I will definitely try and write a letter for the next issue of AF (as it's probably too late for issue one) - maybe the first of one us posters who gets a letter should win a prize? I know most of us would be happy with an Ikea catalogue and a box of kleenex but what about a special Avator or 'Rank' for the first person to get a letter printed in AF from here?

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    I sent in an e-mail as well about Alpha Flight # 1. Well I believe I had 11 letters printed in the first series. So maybe they will remember me.
    Richard Vasseur

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