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Thread: Thoughs on v.3

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    Well, finally read the first issue and actually rather enjoyed it! Not sure if it was the fact that I didn't come to the issue blind (already knowing who the new Flight was and knowing not to expect the original team back), but I didn't think it was too bad at all.

    I thought the art was great and I even LIKED the new characters. I thought Yukon Jack was cool (but then he's a barbarian type who runs around in a loin cloth so of course I'm going to like him!), although wasn't keen on his strange speech pattern. Major Mapleleaf seemed suitably charming and old fashioned - will be interesting to see him grow as a character when confronted by modern day villians. Puck was pretty much as I expected - not too sure about her yet - seems to be the standard feisty young girl type. Nemesis has the cool costume so I can't say anything against her. And Centenial should be one to watch.

    My main concern is the fact that this is the first of a six part story arc - doesn't this seem a bit long just to introduce the new characters to us and establish them as a team?

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    Well, Marvel's got this nasty habit, ever since Tsunami, of making all of their new titles very TPB-friendly. And I'm not sure if that is going to work on Alpha Flight. But time will tell. I'm giving it a fair shake, because I think this new team has sooooooo much potential... and I don't wanna see it go to waste.

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