First let me do some explaining. First, this is based off a "shared universe" of a thing I started called "Alternate Marvel." (I'd give you the URL but it seems to change every other month, sigh). The premise behind it is that Onslaught is defeated by the heroes of the world, so Heroes Reborn never happens.

This is the first issue of Alpha Flight in Alternate Marvel, and as such, I used the first LS (Limited Series) of six issues to "fix" or "explain" some of the more complicated messes that have fallen upon Alpha Flight. So for many fans of Alpha Flight, it may seem somewhat boring... But it was my attempt to "fix" a team I truly enjoy...


Alpha Flight #1: "To Rise Once More."
By: Tawmis

In a time of darkness, heroes stood up and fought for their country
that they loved so much. Hated by their own government, questioned by
the people of Canada – Alpha Flight never stops to ask why they do
what they do. They are heroes. It is their duty. Welcome – Guardian!
Sasquatch! Northstar! Aurora! Shaman! Puck! Welcome to – Alpha Flight!

He sat in the center of the cabin room, his eyes closed, lost
in meditation. He hovered, magically, three feet above the ground,
his legs crossed, sitting Indian style in fashion. It's appropriate
for this man, for he is Dr. Michael Twoyoungmen. (1)

Though he floats quietly, that peace is soon to be disturbed,
as his eyes flash open. He felt it. A magical barrier had been
shattered. Many of Earth's defenses against magical attacks were
suddenly sundered. (2) His jaw set, knowing this could only bring ill
tidings in the future.

Almost instantly, he felt the touch of something in the bank
of his mind. It was faint, like the fluttering of butterfly wings.
Michael Twoyoungmen stood up now, and took a deep breath. As he
feared, only ill would come of the shattering of Doctor Strange's
spell. But he didn't expect it to be so quickly – so sudden. He
approached his shelf, which was lined with books dealing with
practical and mystical things in nature. He did not reach for any of
them; rather, he reached for the box sitting atop of it.

Pulling down the metal box, he slowly opened it. Contained
within there, was a sight that would startle anyone else. A skull,
decorated with elaborate ornaments and headpieces.
"Speak to me," he whispered to the skull. "The son of your
son awaits…"

Meanwhile, at that very moment, at Resolute Bay…

The land below the water's gentle surface slowly cracked
open. From that crack, bubbles slowly drifted to the surface. As the
fissure slowly grew, the bubbles floating upward increased in size.

Just off the shore, a little boy pointed emphatically at the
increasing bubbles. "Mommy, mommy!" he exclaimed as he bolted to his
mother's side. "Do you see? Do you see the bubbles in the water? They
are big! As big as me! Maybe as big as you, mommy!"

The mother stood to see what her son had been pointing at,
assuming his overly active imagination had gotten the best of him
once again. By the time she was on her feet, the bubbles in the
center of the bay were the size of a minivan.

She grabbed her son, and picked up her belongings as quickly
as possible, screaming to others to do the same.

He sat in his office, observing the vial of red fluid. "If I
did this right," he smiled, "it should be able to displace and
refract light so that it will actually make this rat invisible to the
human eye." Gently pouring the red liquid upon the rat, he sat and
watched with amazement as the rat's body shimmered for a moment, as
if composed by crystals, and slowly faded out of Walter Langkowski's

Quickly putting on the infrared goggles, the rat suddenly came
into view again. "It worked!" he exclaimed. "It actually worked! It
can still be seen with infra-red, because of the body heat it
generates, but to the human eye, he's quite invisible!" He
smiled. "Now to write down everything." He slowly walked over to the
table where all of his calculations had been spread about. Writing
down specific notes, he suddenly let out a scream and fell over,
toppling to the ground, motionless.

She sat on the end of the pier, one leg pulled close to her
body, as the other swayed back and forth, just over the water. "Do
you ever wonder, Jean-Paul, about our past?"

"All the time, sister of mine," Jean-Paul replied, coming to
sit next to her, Jean-Marie.

"We are mutants," Jean-Marie said, staring out to the ocean
that stretched before her. "Our parents were killed in a car
accident, at which time we were separated, and reunited later by
Mac." She turned to Jean-Paul, "We never truly looked into the rest
of our family. Aunts, uncles, cousins, nephews."

Jean-Paul paused. "I had… never given it much thought," he
admitted. "Life has been hectic to say the least."

"Perhaps it is time we find these things out," she smiled at
her brother. "To see that we are more than just heroes. That we have
a family. We have roots."

Jean-Paul smiled, "Yes, perhaps it is time." He turned and
faced the sunrise. And what would they think of him? He had come out
and professed his sexual orientation both within a newspaper article
(3) as well as a live television broadcast. Discovering their family
tree – would that endanger them as being targets to those that wished
the members of Alpha Flight harm? Was it such a wise idea? He turned
to look at the sparkle in his sister's eyes, and knew he could not
deny her the pleasure of learning her own family background.

At Corky's Tavern, Eugene Milton Judd returned to work. New
patrons or people passing through, just to be asked about his time
with Alpha Flight, often surrounded him. He spoke highly of his times
as a part of the team, talking about the heartaches, the pains, and
the victories that Alpha Flight had managed to accomplish, even when
the odds were greatly stacked against them.

Sitting inside the tavern are James MacDonald "Mac" Hudson
and his wife, Heather Hudson. They listen to Eugene's tales and smile.
Many know Eugene is a part of the team known as Alpha Flight,
but what many do not know is that James Hudson and Heather Hudson are a part of that team as well – they are Guardian and Vindicator

Eugene returned to the table, to rejoin James and Heather. "Pretty popular, eh?" He smiled, quaffed a large pint of beer, and wiped it with the back of his hands. "Make me wonder how we ever got disbanded."

"Things happen," James smiled. "Besides, it's given us all a
chance to really do something we have not been able to do."

"What's that?" Eugene asked, looking up.

"Enjoy life," James replied.

"It's nice though," Heather, admitted, "that the government
has realized there are more and more mutants being born everyday.
They've created Department M, to help not only mutants – but also
anyone with super human powers. It reminds me of Charles Xavier's
School." (4)

Eugene raised his mug, "Here's to the future, eh? No matter
what it might bring!"

The three of them clanked their glasses together.

There was a sharp pain. Throbbing in the back of the mind,
drilling away like a thousand meteors striking the land.
Life – there was a certain blackness to it, like memories

Eyes settled on a rat that might be invisible to the human

Then those eyes looked in the mirror.

Long, soft, beautiful blond hair flowed to her shoulders. Her
white eyes stared back at her.

"I should have known this would happen," her voice was
soft. "This can only mean one thing… they have returned."
The face staring back at her was none other than… Snowbird.
Giving it little thought, she took the form of a giant owl
and departed through the window, knowing her destination – for it
called to her from the blackness beyond.

But then – that begged the question – where was the Spirit of
Walter Langkowski? (5)

At Resolute Bay, shortly after midnight…

A huge beast, composed of mud, dirt and soil, rose from the
waters. It's mouth, composed of moss, stone and wood opened to a roar
as it raised its enormous hands.

The creature stood well over forty feet in height.

Slowly, its chest began to swirl.

Stone and rubble fell away and seemed to create a perfect
circle, with five points, creating a perfect upside down pentagram.
From the left top point of the star, came forth Kariooq, The

From the right top point of the star, came forth Kolomaq, the
Storm Bringer.

From its bottom point of the star, stepped forth a large
orange figure, Tanaraq, the Sasquatch.

To the left of that, the star point delivered, Tolomaq, the
Fire Beast.

And to the right of the bottom star point, an human, barely
that – possessed by the power of Ranaq.

And from the centerpiece, none other than Somon, The
Artificer stepped forward.

The hole slowly sealed itself once more.

Somon looked around, "We have returned! Not only has the
spell of the mystic named Stephen Strange been shattered (6), but
there is something that has shattered all magical barriers!" (7)

"Your return will be brief, Great Beast," came a voice from
the shadows of night.

Somon turned, holding his staff in his hand. "You," the word
fell from his lips with a disgusted hiss. "I thought you were dead."

Snowbird stood on the edge of cliff side. "I will always
return to send you back to the land of banishment." Snowbird took to
the air. "Heather may have slain me then, but Michael Twoyoungmen
called upon Nelvanna, Hodiak and The Shaper; they brought me, along
with my husband and son, into their realm, with the understanding I
would return if the Great Beasts returned." Snowbird spread her
cloak, as she hovered. "My physical body remained in the form of
Sasquatch, and was resurrected and possessed by Pestilence!" (9) A
smile spread across her face as she saw the distinct disappointment
of the Great Beasts. "Walter at this time had escaped by means of
possessing Smart Alec, and escaping through Shaman's bag. (10) Then
he took possession of Box, and battled my body, which was possessed
by Pestilence still. Using Box's energy, he expelled Pestilence from
my body. Heather then used Shaman's bag to capture the spirit of
Pestilence within the bag itself.

Water then moved into my body. However, we he transformed
himself back into a human, he took my human form – a woman, with
blond hair! But as you well know, this is not the first time I
returned to face you again after my death!" (11)

Snowbird heaved a deep breath. "I returned to Earth once more
after that – when Walter took the Talisman and tried to use its magic
for himself – to restore himself as a man." (12) She looked among the
Great Beasts. "Admittedly, when I returned this time to face against
you all – I thought it would be in my spirit form. Why my mother,
Nelvanna and my grandfather Hodiak returned me to my original body,
once again female, I do not know! And where Walter's soul may
currently reside, is unknown to me! But these are things I will look
into after I defeat you!"

"You," Somon pointed his staff at Snowbird, "have never been
able to defeat us alone!"

"And today will be no different," came a second voice.
Somon looked and saw the familiar yellow and green outfit of
the Indian known as Shaman, also known as Michael Twoyoungmen.

"And they're not alone," came a female voice that belonged to
Heather Hudson, better known as Alpha Flight's Vindicator.

Next to her, James Hudson, also known as Guardian, was
carrying Eugene Judd, also known as Puck.

Behind them, Aurora and Northstar.

"So you have all returned," Somon sneered, "how pleasant."

At that moment, elsewhere…

Lilian Crawley slowly walked into the kitchen, her eyes
scanning the counters. She saw the knife and slowly approached it,
grasping it softly in her hands. She stared at the blade for a
moment, her thoughts still retracing the idea of her skin
being `unbreakable.' Only the alien technology they had found,
allowed her skin to be cut, and uncover the cyst that had been
growing within her breast. (14)

Madison Jeffries walked down the stairs, noticing the light
on within the kitchen. With sleepy eyes, he rubbed them and allowed
the light to slip between his eyelids. He walked downstairs to see
Lilian holding the knife. He paused, "Everything all right?"

She turned, half a smile painted gently on her face. "I'm,"
she paused for a moment, "just thinking."

Madison wrapped his arms around her waist, "About?"

"About next time," Lilian replied.

"Next time?" Madison asked.

"Next time there's a cyst," Lilian answered.

"Then we will deal with it then," Madison shrugged, kissing
her gently on the cheek.

"Will we?" she turned and frowned. "Will Department H help

"If they don't, I will try to make something that will,"
Madison nodded. "It's what I do."

"I am completely immune to injury," Lilian Crawley looked at
Madison. "A armor piercing bullet at point blank might," she
emphasized the word, "might leave a very small bruise."

"We will do what we always do," Madison tried to comfort her,
as he drew himself closer to her. "We will do everything, anything,
it takes to prevail." He kissed her again, "We have a new future. Our
wedding." He looked at the monitor on the far wall. "And we're in
charge of Beta Flight for now."

Lilian looked at Madison, a thin, frail smile on her lips,
cautiously painted there. "I'm glad that they have forgiven me," she
whispered. "I was part of Omega Flight. I was responsible for Mac's
apparent death so long ago." (15)

"That's just it, Lil," Madison looked at her. "That was a
long time ago. And Mac didn't die. We've all made mistakes, Lil. None
of them," he gestured at the picture on the north wall that had the
entire team of Alpha Flight, "is without sin."

Lilian looked at Madison then nodded her head gently. "I
suppose you're right. I just worry about the future."

"Amazing, isn't it," Madison chuckled softly, "that the woman
with the toughest skin on Earth, has the softest insides?"

She punched Madison in the arm playfully. "And you're about
to marry her."

"And I'd have it no other way!"

A white sheet violently covered the land. Howling winds
brought down the massive snowdrift that hurriedly buried the land.
"Michael," Guardian shouted over the howling winds. "Anything
you can do about this?"

Shaman, hovering over the ground, reached into his pouch. "I
am trying," he shouted back, over the winds. "Kolomaq's power seems
to have grown! Or, as my grandfather has informed me – the barrier of
magic has been shattered!" (2)

Snowbird took the form of a white Sasquatch. She rushed
forward, driven by the wild, animalistic instincts of the savage
beast, as she engaged into combat with Kariooq, who was weakened by
Kolomaq's snowfall.

A laughter suddenly carried over the howling winds.

A laughter that Alpha Flight knew too well. The continuous
dropping of the temperature now did not cause the shivers that danced
down their spines.

"I told you," the voice boomed victoriously. "My magic may
have been undone, but not my plans. I told you that you would see
your world become a living hell."

Llan the Sorcerer stepped forward, raising his arms about
him. "Talisman predicted that I would bring back the Great Beasts!"
(16) He looked about him, tilting his head back in callous
laughter. "Though it is normally every 10,000 years I arise! It would
seem that the spell that Doctor Strange cast to entrap me, when he
opened the Doorway of Light, has been undone!" (17)

"This is bad, eh," Puck grumbled beneath his breath as the
wind howled passed him. "The Great Beasts are enough, but Llan too?"

"Leave Llan to me," Shaman replied, approaching them.

"Michael," Guardian shook his head. "You can't. I have read
up on all of the files that Alpha has fought. Llan is a sorcerer bent
on the corruption of mankind. He will corrupt you."

Shaman turned. "I assume you read the files where I failed.
Failed to save my wife. Failed to save my daughter. Failed to save
Snowbird. Her husband. Her child." Shaman clenched his fist. "I'm not
that person anymore, James."

"He's our only chance," Puck admitted. "Without Talisman
here, we have no means of fighting his magic, eh?"

Llan stood behind the Great Beasts; his red eyes glowed like
fiery embers of Hell itself. His long, flowing black hair, in the
form of a Mohawk could be seen like a ripple through the snow, into a
void of utter blackness.

Shaman sat down, closed his eyes, and called gently for his
grandfather to guide him…

Kariooq swatted Snowbird away. "I know not who you are, one
who takes form of our greatest foe – but you will find that even
weakened, Kariooq the Corruptor is more than a match for you!"

"Behold!" Snowbird shouted, as she took her true form once
again. "I am indeed daughter to your ancient enemy – my mother!
Daughter of Nelvanna of the Northern Lights, made flesh again!"

"Flesh corrupts," Kariooq boomed. He appeared to be a giant,
skeletal figure, towering over forty feet tall. Flesh, composed of
rotten meat, turned green from disease and decay, clung to the bones,
held together by the sickness that formed Kariooq the Corrupter. His
teeth were yellow fangs of death, carrying thousands of diseases, and
a million more ways to die ever so painfully. His yellow eyes were
the color of the sun, yet somehow seemed to lack the light of it.
His skeletal hand fixed itself around Snowbird. "And flesh
that I can touch, I can corrupt!"

"Not now," Snowbird howled. A white light formed around her,
and Kariooq howled, releasing his hold upon her while grasping his
wrist, staring at the burning of his decaying flesh.

"How is that possible?"

Snowbird smiled, "The purity of my son flows through me! His
power is mine! I know who I am! What I am! And my purpose! I am
Daughter of Nelvanna of the Northern Lights – and I am your

"Come sister!" Northstar shouted. "If we can do nothing
against Somon, then let us find use elsewhere!"

"Que ferons-nous le frère?" Aurora asked, taking to the air.

"With our speed, sister, we can bring the snow up and about
Tolamaq the Firestorm!"

Twins, separated at birth, Northstar and Aurora could not be
further apart when it came to personalities.

Their parents had died in an automobile accident when they
were young infants. Their mother's cousins, who sadly also passed
away, had adopted Northstar. Northstar was then moved into a foster

He grew up a lost and very bitter child, more so when his
mutant powers began to show themselves.

It wasn't until Northstar met Raymonde Belmonde that
Northstar finally found peace. Raymonde had been a good friend in the
beginning, but their relationship developed to be so much more.
Within one another's company they found something in common. A bond
stronger than friendship formed, as they became intimate lovers.

As an infant, a hyper-religious school in Quebec raised
Aurora. Extremely nervous and introverted to the point of suicide,
she found her mutant powers of flight, which she believed to be a
miracle of God. When she had tried to explain her powers back then,
she was severely beaten and disciplined. Unfortunately, in order to
deal with everything – this incident created a separate identity
within Aurora's mind, and created a split personality within her.

One was prim, proper, repressed while the other was an
uninhibited extrovert, who exuded sexuality.

Each persona seemed to hate the other, and it often switched
during times of great anger, fear or stress.

World apart when it came to personalities, for being twins;
but when it came to matters of the heart, there were few as close as
these two.

With blinding speeds, they circled around Tolomaq, the Fiery
Storm. The Great Beast howled in protest, hurling balls of flame that
hissed against the white snow.

Rising higher and higher, the twins created a controlled
tornado, the vacuum within the center pulled Tolomaq's weakened form

Kariooq the Corrupter batted Snowbird away. "Away from me
half goddess!"

Vindicator and Guardian swooped in, emitting their electro-
magnetic blasts, assaulting Kariooq, who like Tolomaq, hated the ice,
for it weakened him.

Portions of rotted flesh blasted away.

"Curse you humans," Kariooq boomed. "One touch and I will rot
you away!"

"Touching us," Guardian smiled beneath his mask, "is the

"You are like gnats to me," Kariooq boomed. "Eventually I
will hit you, and when I do, death will my touch bring!"

Snowbird flew past Kariooq and struck Kolomaq. Kolomaq
turned, angered, and unleashed a massive downpour of snow, which
Snowbird evaded all too easily.

However the snowfall found a new target.

Kariooq screamed, then fell silent, as the snow buried him,
silencing him.

Tundra advanced forward on Northstar and Aurora who were
preoccupied fighting Kolomaq. However, Tundra's movement did not go

Guardian pointed. "He's heading for the others. We have to
stop him."

"How?" Vindicator asked. "He's so massive."

"We both have our suits, which operate on electro-magnetic
pulses," Guardian explained. "If we fly within the center…"

"Then create opposing magnets," Vindicator finished
Guardian's sentence.

They clasped hands, for the idea sounded as if it would work –
but against such magical beasts, the simple law of physics did not
always apply to them.

Together they entered Tundra's massive form.

Immediately they were cloaked in the blackness of dirt, mud,
grime, and fungus that made up Tundra's form.

With a squeeze of their hands, they give the signal, for they
knew, submerged within Tundra they would be unable to speak.
And within Tundra's form, there were suddenly two opposing
magnets of incredible force.

The result.

An explosion of sand, mud, grime, and fungus.

When it all settled, Tundra stood no more.

"We're doing it," Guardian smiled. "We're doing it. We're
acting as a team and we're winning!"

Snowbird landed in front of Somon. "It's over. The battle is
done. You are defeated."

"Both Tanaraq and I still stand!" Somon boomed.

Snowbird reached into the chest of Somon and pulled out a
black sphere, which quickly faded.

Somon's shocked gaze looked at Snowbird, as he collapsed to
his knees. The essence of magical life ebbed from his eyes, until
they were empty sockets of blackness.

Snowbird took to the sky and threw this at Kolomaq. Slowly
the blackness over came the Beast, who howled in protest, before
collapsing forward, lifeless as its leader.

All eyes turned to the orange beast, Tanaraq, who resembled
the orange form of Sasquatch.

Several thundering punches from Northstar, and the Great
Beast toppled forward.

Llan boomed with laughter as he faced Shaman on a magical

"You have no hope of defeating me," Llan boasted. "I am all
that is evil and corruption!"

Shaman traced the ceremonial painting on his cheek. "I have
faced the likes of you and others who have made that claim." (1
Shaman stood. "Llan, you terrorized the world once. I will
see to it that you will never do so again. If a spell can not contain
you, then I shall place you somewhere, for which there is no escape
for you." (19)

Llan's fiery fists seemed to grow in brightness. "Shaman, you
are half the power of your great grandfather."

Shaman looked up with a carefree smile. "Your taunting shall
not prevail this time, Llan. I am well aware of what you are capable
of. I shall not be coaxed into making a mistake."

"You already made one, Shaman," Llan boomed as he
advanced, "the moment you foolishly challenged me one on one!"

"Alone?" Shaman reached into his pouch. "I never made any
such claim!" Within his hand he pulled out a staff, with small

"A totem pole?" Llan laughed. "What will you do? Keep me at
bay with your Indian magic?"

"No," Shaman smiled, as the totem pole expanded and came
apart into five individual pieces. The first piece was a humanoid
hawk, which took to the air. Its wooden claws raked at Llan's eyes.

The second and third pieces were men with giant weapons. They
attacked Llan's legs, battering them with might far beyond their
small demeanor.

The third and fourth totem seemed to be made up of a rope
like substance, continuously entangling Llan's legs.

The fifth totem was what appeared to be a shark; however, it
burrowed into the ground, as if it were water.

With a small pinch of dust, Shaman brought upon Llan a storm
made of sand, gravel and pebbles.

"These are annoyances!" Llan shouted, his fiery fists
clutching one of the totems and igniting it.

"They are just that," Shaman admitted, "but they have served
their purpose. They have bought me time."

"Time?" Llan laughed. He encased Shaman within a circle of
flame. With a gesture of Shaman's hands, the flames dispersed as if
they were nothing more than sparks.

"What?" Llan shouted. "That's impossible!"

"Not really," Shaman smiled. "You spent all your magical
energy fighting the totems and the sand storm. Boasting of your
powers, as you have often done. But all the while, you were growing
weaker. Your magic is bound to the Earth. Outside of it, just as I
had surmised, you were growing weaker. Wasting your magical powers
showing off and fighting the totems, you have expended most of your
magical energy. Your body is a host of magical energy, for which
there is no way for it to regain its charge. You can't even leave
this plane now, for you're too weak. Your boasting kept you from
realizing you were quickly weakening." (20)

Shaman made a gesture. "Do you recognize this place now?"

Trees bent over backwards, as if made of rubber bands.

Llan's eyes focused on the door. "What? You? You teleported
us here? Damn you Shaman! Damn you."

"You first," Shaman smiled, as the door opened and light from
beyond poured in. "The Gateway of Day!" (21)

Llan shouted, screamed, but when the blinding illumination
was over, Llan was gone. All that remained was a small, stone, statue
with a circular head, small red fangs and a tooth necklace, sitting
in a chair.

Shaman took the small figure, snapped the head off and threw
it into the Gateway of Day. Sitting in front of it, he closed his
eyes, muttered the words of magic, and the door sealed itself once

He looked at the remaining portion of the statue, and placed
it in his pouch, where it would be lost forever within the dimension

Shaman clenched his fist. "And so it ends with you."

Northstar landed in front of the orange, unconscious form of
Tanaraq. "I don't understand," he looked up. "Why is he here when the
others have disappeared?"

"My magic," Shaman replied, as he suddenly stood up, "locks
him here, rather than returning him to the Realm of Banishment, where
the others have been cast."

"What do you plan to do with him?" Northstar asked, itching
the back of his head. "Surly we can not keep him caged."

"We won't need to," Snowbird replied, as she landed next to
Northstar, followed by Aurora, Vindicator and Guardian.
Puck itched his chin, thoughtfully, "Have something in mind,

"My mother," Snowbird began, "has returned me to the mortal
flesh, yet retaining my powers of a demigoddess. That leaves Walter
unaccounted for, his spirit held right now by my mother."

"You mean to place Walter's spirit within the Great Beast?"

Puck asked, shocked. "Isn't that what happened before, when Tanaraq
took over Walter's body?" (22)

"No," Shaman touched Taranaq's forehead. "This time we will
expel Taranaq's essence to the Realm of Banishment, with the other
Great Beasts, but we shall use his body to house Walter's soul."

"Sort of the way we did with Box, eh?" Puck asked, recalling
those memories. (23)

"Yes," Shaman replied, looking at Puck.

"Will he be able to transform back into Walter?" Aurora
asked, horrified at the idea of Walter stuck in the massive orange

"If everything goes according to plan," Shaman replied, "then

"I don't understand how?" Puck admitted.

"Come, you will see," Shaman replied and sprinkled soft, blue

In a blink of the eye, the team of Alpha Flight slipped
through time and space.

The eyes adjusted to the raging storm.

"We're here again?" Puck asked looking around.

"Yes," Shaman nodded. "The Eye of the World." (24)

The preternatural cold shivered their bones.

"Mon Dieu," Aurora gasped. "And look, the rubble form of
Walter's body still lies here!"

"Like a policeman's outline," Northstar added under his
breath. He turned to Shaman, "I don't understand how this will help

"You will," Shaman nodded, as he crossed his legs, and slowly
floated into the air. "In due time."

Shaman slowly floated upward and above Walter's rubble form.
Taranaq was placed next to Walter's former body. Shaman raised his
two hands upward. "Shakak, who rules this realm so cold; god of
ancient winters, god of ages old; I cast you aside, and grant passage
to Yanauluha; first shaman of the people of the land; I grant him
permission to pass; and the consequences of those gathered,
understand; come Yanauluha, and raise the spirit of one lost, into
the body of one gained; so that order may be sustained!"

A light poured out from Shaman's hands and raced towards the

A golden arch, a bridge between the mortal world and the

Slowly, a figure emerged on the bridge.

"What do you seek, Shaman?"

"To fix that which was unjustly destroyed through deception,"
Shaman replied.

"Injustice?" the spirit asked. "And how might I help?"

"You are a priest of the gods," Shaman replied. "With your
help what was done wrong, can be right again."

"And why would I do such a thing?"

"Because in your heart, you are good," Shaman answered.

"And what might you have to offer?"

"A portion of our own lives, in exchange for correcting one
who lives, yet without a body," Shaman nodded to the spirit.

"And have you provided a body for this lost soul?"

"We have," Shaman looked to the spirit. "One of the Great
Beasts. With the importing of Walter's soul, we shall cast out the
Great Beast's soul forever more, as we did earlier this eve."

"I sense you speak the truth," the spirit replied. The spirit
looked among Alpha Flight. "And each of you are willing to give a
portion of your life for Walter?"

There was no answer, but the determination in their eyes
painted a clear portrait.

"Then so be it," the spirit replied. "What is it you shall

"The spirit of Walter is currently being held by Narya's
mother," Shaman explained. "When she returned Narya's essence into
her original body, which Walter was inhabiting, she catapulted
Walter's soul from the body and held tightly to it. She informed
Snowbird that her time on Earth was not yet done, as they had first
believed, and with much sadness cast her daughter back to the realm
of mortals. During the battle with the Great Beasts, she informed
Narya of her plan – that if we could capture Taranaq, who was once
bonded with Walter – that we might be able to expel Taranaq's soul
and replace it with Walter's. However, in order for it to work, we
needed something with Walter's essence… something strong and
powerful, to overwhelm and force Taranaq from the body. So we have
returned here, where you can see the rubble form of Walter's body. We
plan to use it, as well as our own life force, to drive Taranaq out
from the body and replace it with Walter's."

"Then let it begin," the spirit replied.

Shaman closed his eyes and began chanting the recital.

The spirit stood above Shaman, waving its arms, joining
Shaman in the chorus of the chant.

Below, the other members of Alpha Flight formed a circle
around the two bodies, hand within hand.

Slowly, a light slipped from their eyes, and spiraled around
Shaman and the spirit.

Shaman tilted his head upward, and shouted, "Now!"

Beams of light shot forth from Shaman's eyes, piercing the
dark heavens.

For a brief moment, it appeared as if all existence ceased.
There was nothing but a white light.

Then the rubble body of Walter began to shake and shiver,
crumbling to dust.

The dust caught up in the spiral, entwined itself with the
ebbing life force of the members of Alpha Flight.

Then suddenly skyrocketed straight up, then straight down
into Taranaq's body.

The Great Beast howled, its back arching upward, then
collapsing, and all there was after that… was silence.
The members of Alpha Flight collapsed, and the darkness

Snowbird was the first to awaken. She moved to Shaman's side
and gently awoke him. "Did it work?"

Shaman turned to Taranaq's body. "We won't know until he
regains consciousness."

As if on cue, the orange form stood and roared, falling
quickly to its hands and knees.

"What," the voice behind the orange beast stammered, "what
happened to me?"

Shaman smiled. "Walter?"

The orange beast looked up, "Michael?" He looked at his
hands. "I'm orange again! I'm not some ball of light! That's twice
that's happened to me!" (25)

He paused. "But if that's Snowbird and she's in my body, then
whose body am I in?"

"Taranaq," Shaman explained.

"The Great Beast?" Sasquatch blinked.

"Yes," Shaman answered with the gentle nod of his head.

"Can I shape back to my human form?" Walter asked.

"With the dust of your former body, implanted within
Taranaq's," Shaman gestured to where Walter's body had formerly
laid. "In time, yes. It will take much practice, like a babe learning
to walk again."

"I suppose that's better than nothing," Sasquatch cheered. He
looked around, "So what did I miss?"

The other members of Alpha Flight slowly awoke; the first to
hug him was Aurora. "Walter, I am so glad to see you!"

Shaman looked at Snowbird. "We are whole once again, Narya."

"Yes, Michael," Snowbird smiled. "We are."


1. There have been a number of errors to Shaman's last name. Per
Marvel's Alpha Flight #1, Volume One – his last name is Twoyoungmen,
not Twoyoungman as it is sometimes referred to.
2. What he is feeling is Doctor Strange's spells being
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