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    Quote Originally Posted by DelBubs

    Hi 'mvranas', attacking the message, not the messenger
    Hey Del,

    No offense taken, I was plenty peeved myself when I read this part of the review (not that the rest of it was any kinder, mind you).

    I guess this is the downside of the internet. Basically, anyone with a modem and a soapbox can shoot their mouth off, well-informed opinion or no. The unfortunate part is that some of these reviews have probably dissuaded potential new readers.


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    I think we should let the reviews be, for the most part. If not, how are we any better than the people roasting Alpha Flight?

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    To be honest, I don't have anuthing against any well thought out review, but SlushFactory use to be one of 'the must visit' sites for anyone interested in comics. Now it seems to be a mishmash of bits and pieces of nothing in particular, and is about as easy to navigate as the Nile Delta. I don't know how much of their content is comic related, I've never been able to navigate around it to find out and it would seem to keep the articles on the main page for months at a time. John Byrne and his opinion of readers expressing their opinion got kinda of tired after reading it for three months running.

    And as myranas said, that review, from what is now a second rate site compared to CBR, SBC etc, probably stopped people from giving the book a second glance.

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