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Thread: An old fan back into the AF fold

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    Default An old fan back into the AF fold

    I was a big fan of AF vol. 1, back in the day. I never got into AF vol. 2, mostly that I hadn't really been collecting comics at the time, and missed it! I have a few issues, and I don't mind them. News of a third try at the title has brought me back.

    Wildchild was always my favorite character, even when the book, IMO, became "The Wildchild Show" during Furman's run. I suspect "The Blooding" would have featured Wildchild's origin. Could anyone shed any light on the AF special that never saw the light of day?

    Scott's run on AF is my favorite next to Byrne, so his involvement has me optomistic. And NEMESIS! I can't believe she's going to be a main character in this book! She's got a ton of potential, and I've always liked her concern for Wildchild's welfare. I hope she's explored more in vol. 3.

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    Hi Templeton, welcome back to the wonderful world of Alpha Flight, and welcome aboard Alpha Waves! I am also quite happy to see the return of Nemesis, her true origins were always left might foggy. It'll be interesting to learn a little more about her!

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