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Thread: what would you like to see in series 3?

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    You are not alone, Ed. Alpha Flight as comedy rubs me the wrong way(big time) and I can see it ruining the book of ever being taken seriously again. I'm rather perturbed.


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    i find this more palatable than one more rehash of how heather is widowed, puck is short and for some reason that keeps him from getting laid, northstar is a jerk because he is an orphan, and aurora is a nympho crack pot. oh yeah and madison is perfect.
    i mean i love all those characters but there were so many issues where that happened and no character progress is made.
    i feel like perhaps walt grew by playing dance dance revolution ( and i would be lying if zusha wasn't a bit of a cutie).
    it isn't overly comedic, just sort of tongue in cheek, a little bit lighter than the middle run of AF v1. no lighter than lobdell's previous AF issues.

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