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Thread: Timeline for Alpha Flight

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    Yeah, it was definitely the originals that died at the hands of The Collective, as MMLJ and PuckII were there too.

    My personal take on the temporal copies was that they ceased to exist when the originals came back to Earth.
    However there were copies of NS&A who never left the planet, so maybe present-Shaman just nullified them all upon his return.

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    Here's the latest updated and expanded timeline. Lots of additions and adjustments to look for. As always, feedback and suggestions are welcomed!

    Circa 38,000 BC:
    An alien Plodex Colonization ship heading towards Earth is damaged; As it enters the atmosphere, it releases its stockpile of Plodex Colonization Eggs, most of which are destroyed, before eventually crash landing near the Magnetic North Pole; The pre-programmed vessel sends out a signal that summons the “strongest” of the native population; Eventually, an exiled Northern tribesman makes his way to the ship, where he is captured by it and transformed into to a perfect human specimen, gaining immortality, but being trapped within the ship. The newly created “Master” then waits for the day when he will be able to make contact with one of the Plodex creatures created from the Colonization Eggs, and use that creature to break free of his prison on the ship

    Circa 8,000 BC:
    As a result of the redirected extreme electromagnetic power surge of his exploding battlesuit, James MacDonald Hudson (44), suffering head trauma and internal bleeding from his battle with Jerry Jaxxon, arrives on the frozen surface of Ganymede, largest of Jupiter’s moons; Unable to breath the atmosphere and suffering from exposure to the extreme cold, James Hudson succumbs and “dies”; James is brought “back to life” by a native race to Ganymede, the Quwrlln, who, having never seen a human before, use their medical technology to integrate James’ battle suit components into his repaired body, making James a cyborg with the ability to control electromagnetic energy; James spends 10 months with the Quwrlln, who work to send James back to Earth; Realizing that he’s travelled through time as well as space, James and the Quwrlln devise a plan to place James in suspended animation for 10,000 years, while at the same time building a spacecraft capable of taking James to Earth; James Hudson enters suspended animation

    Circa 6,000 BC:
    As James Hudson (44) sleeps in suspended animation, the Quwrlln engage in a total world war that destroys their civilization and almost all of their population; James’ spacecraft and suspended animation pod remain intact, kept safe in a hidden location

    John Howlett, Jr. is born to Elizabeth Hudson Howlett and Thomas Logan in Cold Lake, Alberta, Canada; Elizabeth does not reveal John Jr.’s true parentage to her husband, John Howlett, Sr.

    In early April, James Howlett is born to Elizabeth Hudson Howlett and Thomas Logan in Cold Lake, Alberta, Canada; Elizabeth does not reveal James’ true parentage to her husband, John Howlett, Sr.

    John Howlett, Jr. (12)’s mutant power manifests itself as his hands produce sharp bone claws and, deranged from the trauma, he attacks his mother, savagely clawing her back; John Sr., defending his wife, kills John Jr.; Elizabeth Howlett is institutionalized from the trauma

    Elizabeth Howlett returns to the estate after over a year at an institution and becomes a recluse

    After the murder of his “father”, John Howlett Sr., by the groundskeeper, Thomas Logan, James Howlett (13)’s mutant power manifests itself as his hands produce sharp bone claws and he savagely kills Thomas Logan; As a result of his mutant healing factor, James’ memories are also “healed” and all memory of the events are lost; Escaping to British Columbia with his companion, Rose, James takes on the new name “Logan”; Because of his mutant healing factor, Logan starts to age at a greatly reduced rate

    Logan accidentally kills Rose at a mining camp

    Winter- Eugene Milton Judd is born

    Chinook, a super being with immortality and the power to control wind, becomes the first superhero of Canada and helps the Allies during World War I

    Eugene Judd (25) is cursed by the Black Blade of Baghdad, becoming “immortal” and being “cursed” with dwarfism

    Louis Sadler gains super strength and invulnerability and takes the codename, Major Mapleleaf, and uses his powers to help protect Canada; Major Mapleleaf joins Chinook, who comes out of his retirement following World War I, to form a team to aid in World War II; The Weapon Plus Program is secretly created by the US government with the goal of creating the ultimate super soldier; Steve Rogers is recruited as the first test subject and becomes Weapon I, Captain America

    77 years ago:
    Frederick Hudson II is born to Frederick Hudson and his secretary, Caitlyn MacDonald; Frederick Hudson, wanting nothing to do with his illegitimate son, is mysteriously killed before the birth and Caitlyn MacDonald hangs herself two days after giving birth; Frederick is placed in an orphanage

    59 years ago:
    Truett Hudson is born to Frederick Hudson II (1 and his girlfriend at the time; Frederick leaves the new family

    57 years ago:
    Victor Hudson is born to Frederick Hudson II (20) and his girlfriend, Bernice; Unfortunately, the baby is born blind and mute; Frederick leaves the new family, never revealing that Victor has a half-brother, Truett (2)

    56 Years ago:
    Michael Twoyoungmen is born on the Sarcee Reservation near Calgary, Alberta

    53 years ago:
    Frederick Hudson II (24) decides to “settle down” and marries

    52 Years ago:
    Winter- James MacDonald Hudson is born in London, Ontario, to Frederick Hudson II (25) and his wife
    James - 0

    49 years ago:
    Bernice, mother of Victor Hudson (, dies leaving Victor alone; Victor is found by the mysterious Romulus and is taken in by him, training Victor to be his right hand man
    James - 3

    47 years ago:
    James Hudson’s father, Frederick Hudson II (30), is killed in a bar fight; James never learns of the existence of his two half-brothers, Truett Hudson (12) and Victor Hudson (10)
    James - 5

    45 years ago:
    James Hudson accidentally hits his neighbor’s dog with his bike and hides the dog’s body in the woods; Wracked with guilt, James vows to use science and technology to help make the world a better place
    James - 7

    43 years ago:
    Walter Langkowski is born in Vancouver, British Columbia; Victor Hudson (14), training for the mysterious Romulus, begins to exhibit his mutant powers of superhuman strength and invulnerability
    James - 9

    37 Years ago:
    Late Summer- Heather McNeil is born to Ramsey and Claire McNeil in the Haysboro district of Calgary, Alberta
    James - 15, Heather - 0

    35 years ago:
    Heather McNeil’s younger brother is born to Ramsey and Claire McNeil in the Haysboro district of Calgary, Alberta
    James - 17, Heather - 2

    33 years ago:
    Truett Hudson (26) graduates with a dual doctorate in biology and engineering; He quickly gets a job as an advisor for the government; Heather McNeil’s second younger brother is born to Ramsey and Claire McNeil in the Haysboro district of Calgary, Alberta
    James - 19, Heather - 4

    31 years ago:
    Heather McNeil’s third younger brother is born to Ramsey and Claire McNeil in the Haysboro district of Calgary, Alberta
    James - 21, Heather - 6

    30 years ago:
    Jean-Marie and Jean-Paul Beaubier, twins with a mysterious origin, are born; The twins’ parents are killed tragically 6 months later; Jeanne-Marie is sent to an orphanage / boarding school and Jean-Paul Beaubier is adopted by the Martin family, becoming Jean-Paul Martin; Michael Twoyoungmen (26) graduates Medical School and marries Katheryn; The couple moves into a house in the Haysboro district of Calgary, Alberta
    James - 22, Heather - 7

    29 years ago:
    Elizabeth Twoyoungmen is born to Dr. Michael Twoyoungmen (27) and his wife, Katheryn, in the Haysboro district of Calgary, Alberta; Heather McNeil’s fourth younger brother is born to Ramsey and Claire McNeil in the Haysboro district of Calgary, Alberta; Truett Hudson (30), working for the government, locates the secret lab of the mad geneticist, Nathaniel Essex, while on a routine scouting mission; Truett brings the findings to the government and the government decides to use the findings to update the Weapon Plus Program; Truett Hudson is given the codename The Professor and begins preparing for the latest addition to the program, Weapon X, deciding that, with the right candidate, Adamantium metal could be bonded to a subject’s bones, making them indestructible; The Professor sends agents out to steal the Adamantium bonding process from a Japanese scientist
    James - 23, Heather - 8

    28 years ago:
    After almost 40,000 years, a Plodex Colonization Egg is found off the coast of Newfoundland by the captain of the fishing trawler, the “Mary D”, Tom Smallwood, after he falls overboard in a storm close to his home port and sinks to the bottom of the ocean; Smallwood sees the glowing egg and frees it, allowing Smallwood to float to the surface on it; Recovering, Tom Smallwood brings the egg to his home, a mile from the port, where his wife, Gladys, opens the egg; Upon contact with the human, the genetic template of the alien Plodex egg molds itself to human form and the alien is “born”; Now resembling a baby girl with green skin and amphibious features, the Smallwoods name her “Marrina” and raise her alongside their own five year-old grandson, Dan
    James - 24, Heather - 9

    27 years ago:
    Heather McNeil’s fifth younger brother is born to Ramsey and Claire McNeil in the Haysboro district of Calgary, Alberta
    James - 25, Heather - 10

    26 years ago:
    While in graduate school, James MacDonald Hudson completes work on a cyber helmet designed to interface with a proposed exoskeleton that uses electromagnetism for exploration in various environments; James graduates with a doctorate degree in petro-chemical engineering
    James - 26, Heather - 11

    25 years ago:
    James Hudson is hired by Jerome Jaxon at Am-Can Petroleum and gets an apartment in Edmonton, Alberta; Walter Langkowski (18 ) enters college at Penn State and meets fellow freshman, Bruce Banner; Walter, with Bruce, begins working on the theories that will eventually lead to the Gamma Experiment; Walter joins the Penn State football team; In the Haysboro District of Calgary, Alberta, Heather McNeil, while also babysitting her five younger brothers, begins to babysit for her family’s close friend and neighbor, Dr. Michael Twoyoungmen’s daughter, Elizabeth (4)
    James - 27, Heather - 12

    24 years ago:
    Dr. Michael Twoyoungmen (32), now a renowned physician, is informed that his wife, Katheryn, has terminal cancer; Confident and determined, Michael promises his young daughter, Elizabeth (5) that he will cure her mom; After months of trying, Michael is unable to save Katheryn and she succumbs to the illness; Believing that her father has betrayed her by breaking his promise to save her mom, Elizabeth Twoyoungmen becomes estranged from her father; Ramsey and Claire McNeil, as close friends and neighbors to Michael, take Elizabeth in to raise as a foster daughter as she heals from her grief; Michael is also informed of the death of his grandfather, the Sarcee tribe’s shaman, on the same day; Overwhelmed and deep in grief, two days later, Michael Twoyoungmen leaves his life behind, travels deep into the Canadian wilderness near Banff, Alberta and becomes a hermit; Heather McNeil’s younger sister, Rebecca “Becky” McNeil, is born to Ramsey and Claire McNeil in the Haysboro District of Calgary, Alberta, completing their family of seven children and one foster daughter; An archeologist named Richard Easton discovers a mystical headband at an archeological dig north of the Arctic Circle and is taken to the Realm of the Northern Gods to father a child with Nelvanna, goddess of the Northern Lights; Nelvanna explains that a champion needs to be created to defend the world from the coming evil of the Great Beasts; Easton agrees and vanishes; Death of the Martins, orphaning Jean-Paul (6) a second time; Because of the tragedy, Jean-Paul has no knowledge that his last name is really “Beaubier” or that he has a twin sister.
    James - 28, Heather - 13

    23 years ago:
    In the research and development division of the Am-Can Petroleum Company, James MacDonald Hudson begins designing an exoskeleton for exploring underground oil and mineral reserves; James uses the cyber helmet he designed and built during his doctoral work as the central control system
    James - 29, Heather - 14

    22 years ago:
    James - 30, Heather - 15

    21 years ago:
    Spring- Walter Langkowski (22) graduates Penn State and is recruited to play professional football for the Green Bay Packers
    James - 31, Heather - 16

    20 years ago:
    Heather McNeil is hired by Am-Can Petroleum as an executive secretary for the CEO of the company, Jerome Jaxon; Heather briefly meets James Hudson and “falls in love at first sight”; James Hudson completes a prototype cyber exoskeleton that uses electromagnetism to create force blasts for digging through the earth and force shields to protect itself from debris and harsh environments; Having spent the last several years working as a secret agent for the government, Logan is suddenly captured by agents of the Weapon Plus Program, under the supervision of The Professor, Truett Hudson (39), and is subjected to the Adamantium bonding process; Logan’s bones and hidden bone claws are coated with Adamantium, almost killing him and driving him into a de-evolved feral state in the process; Logan is designated Weapon X and is subjected to training designed to make him the ultimate killing machine; Logan breaks free of the control of the program, destroys the facility and escapes into the Canadian wilderness, completely reduced to an animalistic state
    James - 32, Heather - 17

    19 years ago:
    January- Under orders from the directors of Am-Can, Jerry Jaxon informs James Hudson that the military will be taking control of his recently completed cyber exoskeleton for use in combat; James objects and quits the company; James returns later that night and steals the prototype and destroys all plans for the suit, taking the cyber helmet, that he designed and built on his own, with him, Without the control helmet, the suit is rendered unusable; Unable to deliver the suit to the military, Jerome Jaxon is fired from the company; Heather McNeil also quits the company in support of James, whom she has fallen in love with; Heather visits James at his apartment and suggests an idea to straighten out the mess that James has created by quitting; The couple travels to Ottawa and proposes an idea to the government that, after some red tape, is accepted; James Hudson is hired by the Canadian government to create a research and development department of the Canadian military designed to create “alternative solutions” to world problems; The secret government program’s base is constructed 500 meters below the Parliament building in Ottawa; Hudson names the program, “Department H”, after himself; James and Heather move to separate apartments near Parliament Hill in Ottawa; Heather initially agrees to work as James’ secretary; One of the first projects to be overseen by Dept H is a Cosmic Ray Collector to be built in Orloo, Ontario; After construction is underway, James is finally consulted and after reviewing the data, alerts the government that the collector is too dangerous; The government agrees to dismantle the collector but secretly continues to complete the construction; Soon after, James and Heather learn about the creation of the Fantastic Four in the press and their appearance inspires James to channels Dept. H’s resources into the development and recruitment of super beings; The first thing James Hudson does is to use the resources of Dept. H to re-create his Exploration Suit, deciding it could be used as super-powered armor to be worn by a willing candidate; In his initial search for super powered agents, James Hudson learns of the Adamantium bonding process from files stolen from a Japanese scientist; As his original Exploration Suit is being re-constructed, James begins to develop a “battlesuit” based on his Exploration Suit’s abilities, but in a more streamlined style;

    February- After their relationship grows closer, James realizes his true love for Heather and proposes; Unable to find the time to take off of working on the growing Dept H or the development of his Battlesuit, James convinces Heather to be legally married at Town Hall, promising to give her a proper wedding later on; The legal marriage causes a rift with Heather’s parents, who object to a non-Catholic wedding, and refuse to speak to Heather; James and Heather move in together to an upstairs apartment at 138A Laurier Drive, Ottawa, Ontario

    March- Government officials, working secretly with the Weapon Plus program, offer to send James Hudson to the wilderness of Wood Buffalo National Park in Northern Alberta to “scout locations for Dept H installations”; Unbeknownst to James, the trip is a ruse to place James in a position to locate the missing and feral Logan; Convincing Heather that the trip can be their delayed Honeymoon, the couple travels to the park; While out hunting and scouting locations, James and Heather are attacked by Logan, reduced to a feral state by the procedure used to turn him into Weapon X; Heather manages to shoot Logan and the couple take the unconscious Logan back to their cabin; After James leaves to get help, Logan wakes up and extends his Adamantium claws, scaring himself and Heather; Heather is able to calm him down and, when James returns, the couple begins to help Logan recover his humanity over the next weeks; Leaving the park, Logan is brought to Dept H for study and begins living with James and Heather; James convinces Logan to join Dept H as his first super-powered agent; The government officials give Logan the codename Weapon X, knowing that Logan has no memories of the Weapon Plus Program or the Weapon X project

    Late Spring- Heather makes James commit to a new date for their “official” wedding; James Hudson completes the re-creation of his original Exploration Suit and the Ministry of Defense gives him his own testing area to practice with the suit; Inspired that one day he’ll be able to use the new battlesuit he’s developing to defend and guard Canada as a hero, James Hudson gives himself the codename Weapon Alpha, the first member of a future team of super powered agents; Using the suit, James runs Logan, now known as Weapon X, through practice sessions to continue to prepare Logan to be a super agent for Dept H; On the morning of his planned wedding day with Heather, the Cosmic Ray Collector, that had not been dismantled, malfunctions in Orloo, Ontario; James, knowing his suit can be used to help, immediately volunteers to shut it down; Inspired to accept his heroic role, James, as Weapon Alpha takes Logan, as Weapon X, with him as he flies to Orloo; When they arrive, the Canadian superhero, Chinook, also arriving at the scene, tries to destroy the overloading machine, but is instead transformed and mutated into a monstrous beast, using his new cosmic powers to wreak destruction on the town; The machine overloads and creates a mini-black hole that threatens to destroy the town; James and Logan, with the help of bystander, Eugene Judd, are able to knock the mutated Chinook into the black hole causing feedback that stops the chain reaction; Heather, who had followed James to Orloo, is able to help save James, Logan and Judd from being consumed by the black hole as well; Realizing he could have lost Heather, and realizing he has wasted too much time already, James MacDonald Hudson and Heather McNeil are married in a nearby church, with Logan standing as James’ Best Man; Returning to Ottawa, Logan starts working as a full Department H operative
    James - 33, Heather - 18

    18 years ago:
    Heather McNeil Hudson, having worked as James’ secretary for Dept H, decides to get her own job as an executive secretary for Mr. Beresford, CEO of Yukon Oil; Walter Langkowski (25) quits playing professional football and enters a dual Doctorate program for physics and biophysics; Sean Benard begins working as a detective for the Vancouver Police Department
    James - 34, Heather - 19

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    Part 2:

    17 years ago:
    At her orphanage, Jean-Marie Beaubier (13), depressed and conflicted, attempts to commit suicide but is saved when her mutant abilities kick in; The shock of the event and the guilt heaped upon her by the nuns of her orphanage causes Jean-Marie to repress her “free” personality creating a personality disorder; After working as an operative for Dept H and the Canadian Secret Service, Logan chooses the codename “The Wolverine” and is given a yellow and blue costume by Dept. H; The Wolverine is first sent on a small trial mission in Toronto against a terrorist cell but, before completing the mission, is captured by The Leader; Defeating The Leader and escaping, The Wolverine is next sent by Dept H to stop The Hulk, who has entered Canada, and soon finds himself in a three-way battle with The Hulk and a Wendigo
    James - 35, Heather - 20

    16 years ago:
    The Canadian government secretly creates a covert super being development program, named Department K, under the supervision of Generals Clarke, Kinney and Chasen, and begin experiments on injured soldiers to create superpowered beings; Encasing one soldier’s body in Adamantium, the soldier is designated “Weapon Y” and takes the codename Citadel; Citadel is secretly sent on missions for the government; Jean-Paul Martin (14) discovers that he has the mutant power of flight and super-speed and uses his mutant power to become a ski champion
    James - 36, Heather - 21

    15 years ago:
    The Wolverine is enjoying “shore leave” after a mission when he is called upon by James Hudson to investigate a super being in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan; The Wolverine defeats the super being and it’s taken in by Dept H for study and possible inclusion in Dept. H’s super being program, but later breaks out and travels to NY; Logan travels after it and, with the help of the time-displaced soldier, Cable, destroys the super being; Richard Easton returns from the Realm of the Northern Gods after nine years, having lost his sanity in the experience, but in possession of the mystic headband that can release the Great Beast Tundra;
    James - 37, Heather - 22

    14 years ago:
    Winter- Michael Twoyoungmen (42), after being a hermit for 10 years, is confronted by the spirit of his grandfather and accepts his role as Shaman of his Sarcee tribe; Michael begins his mystical training;

    Spring- Walter Langkowski (29) graduates with a dual doctorate in physics and biophysics; He secures a job as a professor at McGill University in Montreal, Quebec and begins researching the effects of radiation on humans;

    Fall- Michael Twoyoungmen, having trained for months now as The Shaman, is summoned by the Northern Goddess, Nelvanna, to deliver her baby, Narya; Michael uses spells to bind the baby to the land in order to complete the birth; Having completed the birth successfully, Michael is tasked by the gods to raise and train Narya; Narya ages at a supernatural rate;
    James - 38, Heather - 23

    13 years ago:
    The Wolverine alters his costume’s mask making it look less feral; Walter Langkowski (30) learns that Bruce Banner is the Hulk, and decides to develop a machine to reenact the gamma detonation incident; Walter brings his idea to the government and is directed to Dept. H.; James Hudson decides to support Walter’s research and approves funding for the development of a Gamma Ray enhancement project; Walter works as a science and technology advisor for James and Dept. H; After investigating a mystical disruption involving the mythical “Keeper of the Northern Lights”, Saint Elmo, James is able to convince Saint Elmo to join Dept. H. With The Wolverine joined by Saint Elmo, James Hudson names his developing team, The Flight; Dept H creates “The Ranch”, a training facility and “home” for The Flight, near Thunder Bay in Northern Ontario
    James - 39, Heather 24

    12 years ago:
    James Hudson finds and recruits a young mutant with the ability to control metal, named Jodi Furman, and gives her the codename Stitch; Stitch begins training at The Ranch to join The Flight; Heather and James decide to visit Michael Twoyoungmen (44) at his cabin and are surprised to meet Narya; Heather accidentally discovers Narya’s mystical nature and shape changing abilities and James and Heather confront Michael; Michael reveals that he has become The Shaman, and explains the mystical origins of Narya; James Hudson invites Michael and Narya to join Dept. H and they accept, taking the codenames of Shaman and Snowbird; Michael, as Shaman, works as a technical advisor and medic, rather than participating in field work, as Narya begins training to be a super powered field agent as a member of The Flight; James Hudson invites “The Smartest Man in Canada”, Alexander Thorne, to join The Flight as Smart Alec; Sean Benard, working as a detective in Vancouver, discovers that his fellow officers are participating in drug-trafficking and alerts Internal Affairs; Sean’s record and actions come to the notice of James Hudson and James decides to try and recruit Sean; The criminal detectives track down and try to kill Benard, but are stopped by Logan, who has been sent by James Hudson to recruit Sean to Dept H; Meeting with James at The Ranch, near Thunder Bay in Northern Ontario, James asks Sean to join Dept. H and to wear an updated version of his original Exploration Suit. Sean Benard reluctantly agrees and takes the name Groundhog as his codename; A threat to the nation soon arises and James Hudson sends out The Flight, led by The Wolverine, to take care of the problem; During the course of the battle, St. Elmo sacrifices himself to save his teammates; After the battle, Groundhog quits and James decides to “tier” the remaining heroes to provide more training for those who need it; James Hudson divides the program into Alpha Flight and Beta Flight; Both Stitch and Smart Alec are placed in the newly founded Beta Flight;

    Summer- Marrina Smallwood (16) first displays her powers in her hometown, swimming at extreme speeds for unlimited periods of time underwater; Her “brother”, Dan Smallwood, contacts the government to see if there’s an agency that will help her learn more about herself and her powers;

    Fall- Jean-Marie Beaubier (18 ) is offered a job to teach at the boarding school / orphanage that she has grown up in; Accepting the job and acclimating to her new quarters, Jean-Marie struggles to repress her other personality but is unable to subdue it; Now in her more “free” personality, Jean-Marie travels to Montreal to enjoy the nightlife; Confronted by muggers, Jean-Marie uses her super-speed to defeat them; Coincidentally, Logan is in the area, sees the confrontation and recognizes Jean-Marie as someone with enhanced abilities; Introducing himself, Logan invites Jean-Marie to join The Flight program; Logan brings Jean-Marie to Dept H and introduces her to James Hudson; Still fully immersed in her “free personality”, Jean-Marie takes the name Aurora and becomes a member of Beta Flight;

    Winter- Jean-Paul Martin (18 ), secretly using his mutant powers of flight and super-speed to become a successful professional skier, joins the Olympic team and, continuing to use his powers, wins an Olympic gold medal for skiing
    James - 40, Heather 25

    11 years ago:
    Spring- In his search for super beings to join the Flight Program, James Hudson locates a convicted criminal with extreme psychic powers that he names Bedlam; He transports the criminal to Dept H and keeps him comatose as he searches for a way to control him; Marrina Smallwood (17), after being passed through government agencies is finally brought to Dept. H; Marrina’s powers are assessed by James and she is accepted into the program; Seeing the further need for a division of the program for a different level of experience and training, James Hudson creates Gamma Flight; Marrina becomes the first member of Gamma Flight; James Hudson confides in Logan that he needs to find more super beings for the program to appease the superiors of the government; James shows Logan a secret room containing Bedlam, whom he believes is extremely powerful but unstable; Logan cautions James against using this person; Walter Langkowski (32), working as science and technical advisor to The Flight Program, recruits Kyle Gibney, a feral and animalistic mutant, to the program; Even though Kyle’s psych evaluation shows unstable and homicidal tendencies, Walter believes Kyle can be controlled and offers a unique scientific opportunity for study; Kyle Gibney is given the codename Wild Child and is placed in the Gamma Flight program for training to control his nature; After learning of the recruitment, and trusting Walter, James Hudson delegates the training of Wild Child to Wolverine

    Fall- After years of development, James MacDonald Hudson’s streamlined “battlesuit” is finally completed; To wear over the cyber-suit and rounded control helmet, James designs a costume using the Canadian flag as an inspiration; As James is testing his new battlesuit, Bedlam wakes from his coma and tries to escape; Logan is called in to help James contain him and the two are able to defeat and contain Bedlam once again; James realizes Bedlam is too unstable and locks him away within a secret chamber in Dept H; After the battle, James decides his new battlesuit should be further tested before he wears it into another battle; James suggests testing his suit against Logan’s abilities; Logan initially objects but eventually agrees to a “no-holds-barred” battle with James; Attacking James in full berserker mode, Logan is blasted into unconsciousness by James using his battlesuit; When James goes to check to see if he actually hurt Logan, Logan surprisingly attacks James, piercing the battlesuit’s force field, and stabbing James through the chest; Bleeding heavily from the fatal wound, James is shocked when General Clarke enters with papers for him to sign that, according to Clarke, will allow the mysterious and previously unknown Prometheus Division to provide a “rebirth” for James; On the brink of death, James is taken to the medical wing of Dept H and an experimental “de-aging” machine is used to remove the injury completely; To keep Heather from worrying, James decides not to tell her about the event; Days later, James invites Heather to Dept H to finally show Heather his completed battlesuit and new costume; Before she arrives, James is alerted that superpowered terrorists have taken over a military base in Quebec and Dept H has been called on to send help; James sends the current members of the newly organized Alpha Flight, with The Wolverine leading Shaman (45), on his first field mission, and Snowbird; Aurora (19) from Beta Flight is called on for the mission as well; The new Alpha Flight battles the leader of the terrorists, Citadel, formerly Weapon Y, who has rebelled against his government controllers; After Alpha Flight defeats Citadel, Logan learns that the government has been conducting secret experiments on soldiers against their will; Enraged, Logan angrily makes his way to the nearby secret government military base in Quebec, where he has been asked to meet Professor Charles Xavier from the US; Professor Xavier offers Logan a chance to be free of government control and join him and his team of mutants, The X-Men; Happily accepting Professor Xavier’s offer, Wolverine quits Dept. H to join the X-Men, slashing the objecting General Chasen’s tie off as he leaves; Minutes later, in Dept H headquarters beneath Parliament Hill, as James is finally showing his recently created costume to Heather and debating with her whether or not he should be the leader of Alpha Flight, General Chasen contacts him and demands that Hudson force Wolverine to return to pay for his actions; Feeling betrayed by Logan’s actions, and seeing no other alternative, James MacDonald Hudson decides to step into the role of field leader of Alpha Flight, officially taking the codename Weapon Alpha; James begins intensive battle training to prepare himself for his new role and his mission to bring back Wolverine

    Winter- Jean-Paul Martin (19), having received media attention for his accomplishments as a professional skier, is discovered by Heather Hudson who immediately tells James that Jean-Paul must be related to Jean-Marie; James uses Dept H resources to locate Jean-Paul and, after arranging a meeting, entices Jean-Paul into joining Dept. H using the offer to get to know his twin sister; Jean-Paul, changing his last name back to “Beaubier” and using the codename Northstar, begins training as a member of Beta Flight; Waking up from his suspended animation on Ganymede after ten thousand years, James Hudson (44) finds that the Quwrlin have destroyed their civilization and have de-evolved to a primitive state; Finding the spacecraft the Quwrlin designed and built for him still intact, James takes the ship and begins the 28 month journey in suspended animation back to Earth
    James - 41, Heather 26

    10 years ago:
    January- After months of successful training, Marrina (18 ) moves into Beta Flight;

    Late Summer- James Hudson, as Weapon Alpha, is sent by the government to recapture Wolverine; Tracking Logan to an isolated patch of woods, just west of Woodstock, New York, Weapon Alpha attacks Wolverine, trying unsuccessfully to get Logan to surrender and return with him to Dept H; After accidentally injuring Moira MacTaggert during the attempt, Weapon Alpha decides that the mission is a failure and retreats; After debriefing with the Prime Minister, James returns home to Heather and, feeling he needs to atone for his accidentally injuring a civilian, decides to change his codename to “Vindicator”; Walter Langkowski (33) finally completes and uses on himself a Gamma Ray machine to attempt to safely harness Gamma Rays for enhanced strength; Unbeknownst to Walter, the machine accidentally opens a “doorway” to the Realm of the Gods and Walter is bonded with Tanaraq, one of the Great Beasts; Transformed into a giant, orange-haired beast, Walter travels hundreds of miles across the North before finally transforming back to human form; After being found by Snowbird, Walter Langkowski recovers in a local hospital and, after talking with James, decides to name his alternate form, “Sasquatch”; James, seeing the need for a stronger team after his confrontation with the X-Men, has Walter join Alpha Flight directly;

    Fall- After a year of training together, Aurora (20) and Northstar (20) are promoted to Alpha Flight; The government orders the production of microchip implants, to be placed inside each of the members of Alpha Flight, designed to control their actions if needed; James and the rest of Alpha Flight object to the implants and, after learning the truth about the control ability of the chips, James, as Vindicator, breaks into the production factory and destroys them; Confronting the government, the generals in charge concede and James Hudson agrees to implants that will solely be able to allow the group to be contacted and provide the ability to locate each member; The members of Alpha Flight have the chips implanted under their skin; Eugene Judd, because of his experience and skill, is recruited directly into Beta Flight, using the codename Puck; Puck and Marrina become close friends

    Winter- James Hudson is ordered by the Prime Minister to use Alpha Flight to try and recapture Logan; Alpha Flight confronts the X-Men in Calgary, Alberta and, after battling each other to a stalemate, must work together to control an rogue blizzard; Logan eventually evades capture and James must answer to the Prime Minister for the team’s failure; Despite the effectiveness of The Flight Program being questioned by the government, James increases his recruitment of members after Alpha’s performance against the X-Men; Lillian Crawley, a mutant with diamond hard skin, as Diamond Lil, is recruited into Gamma Flight; Roger Bochs, a technological genius, is personally recruited by James; Roger Bochs, assisted by James, designs a robot, codenamed Box, that is controlled via a remote neural link; Box enters Beta Flight directly; After a mishap on a training mission, Smart Alec is demoted from Beta to Gamma Flight; Gardner Monroe, taking the codename Flashback, is recruited into Gamma Flight, but quickly rises into Beta Flight
    James - 42, Heather 27

    9 years ago:
    Madison Jeffries, a mutant with the ability to control metal and technology, is recruited to Gamma Flight; Puck and Marrina (19) are promoted to Alpha Flight and each receive the microchip communication implant

    Spring- members of Alpha Flight search for the Wendigo with Wolverine and Nightcrawler of the X-Men; Despite completing a successful mission, the Prime Minister calls James Hudson to his office to inform him that Department H is being shut down and the Flight Program is being disbanded; The members of Alpha, Beta and Gamma Flights try to adjust to their new roles as “just” civilians; Two weeks later, Alpha Flight, without Beta Flight and Gamma Flight, reassembles unofficially, at Heather Hudson’s initiative, after Richard Easton uses his mystical headband to summon the Great Beast Tundra; Alpha Flight defeats Tundra then regroups at James and Heather’s apartment, where the team decides to stay together without government support; A week later, on Thursday, James and Heather Hudson celebrate their 10 year wedding anniversary;

    Early Summer- James Hudson gathers most of Alpha Flight together to work with The Thing to battle the Great Beast Ranark;

    Summer- James arranges for Alpha Flight to come together, as a full team, for some battle practice; During a break in the practice, Shaman (47) helps James realize that maybe he doesn’t need to “vindicate” himself any longer and should instead embrace the spirit behind the flag he wears as his costume; Reflecting on Michael’s words, James MacDonald Hudson changes his codename to Guardian, finally fully embracing his role as leader and as a symbol of the ideals of Canada; Minutes later, Marrina is suddenly “summoned” away by the mysterious villain The Master, disemboweling Puck in a fit of rage before leaving; Alpha Flight races further North to save Marrina from The Master; While captive, Marrina learns of her Plodex alien origins from The Master; Alpha Flight arrives and battles The Master’s ship’s traps, destroying operating systems and causing the ship to begin to self-destruct; Before the ship explodes, Marrina is rescued by Snowbird and The Master escapes; After being rescued, Marrina quits Alpha Flight to learn more about herself and her species from The Submariner;

    Early Fall- James receives a job offer from Roxxon Oil, unaware that it is part of a revenge plan initiated by Jerry Jaxon; The Great Beast Kolomaq is accidentally freed and Snowbird is summoned by the Inuit gods to confront him; Barely surviving the battle, Snowbird is able to defeat him; Gary Cody allows James Hudson’s original “Groundhog” Exploration Suit technology to be replicated into dozens of battlesuits to try to provide funding for a new Dept H; The proposed funding plan is a ruse and the battlesuits are secretly used to create an army for the Hydra leader, Baron Strucker; When the battlesuit army attacks New York City and kidnaps the X-men, James gathers Alpha Flight to rescue them; After freeing the X-men, the two teams defeat and destroy the battlesuits and Baron Strucker; Delphine Courtney, secretly a synthezoid working for her “father”, Jerry Jaxon, begins recruiting the disgruntled former members of Beta and Gamma Flight to form a team to enact revenge on James Hudson; Jaxon names his team, “Omega Flight”
    James - 43, Heather 28

    8 years ago:
    February- James Hudson, having accepted Roxxon’s job offer, begins relocating to New York City, spending time there looking for a suitable apartment for himself and Heather and meeting with Roxxon executives;

    February 29th- Delphine Courtney visits Roger Bochs to recruit him into Jerry Jaxon’s Omega Flight; Roger tries to contact James Hudson to warn him but is unable to reach him; Roger decides to join Courtney’s team in New York to try and sabotage it from within, but is captured instead; With Roger Bochs captured, Jerry Jaxon is able to take control of Bochs’ “Box Armor”;

    March 2nd- Heather Hudson leaves Canada to join James in New York; When she arrives at the airport, Heather is met by Delphine Courtney who brings Heather to the World Trade Center, confining her to an office room as, via video, Jerry Jaxon reveals his plan to destroy James; James learns that Heather has been kidnapped and alerts Alpha Flight while racing to her rescue; James battles Omega Flight as Alpha Flight makes their way to the battle; James is separated from the battle by an attack by Box; Revealing himself to be the one controlling the Box robot, and not Roger Bochs, Jerry Jaxon savagely beats James, shorting out James’ battlesuit’s force field and causing critical damage to the control circuits; Already suffering head trauma and internal bleeding from Box’s attack to his body, James desperately creates a feedback explosion, using his battlesuit’s components, that kills Jerry Jaxon through his neural link with Box; The damage to his battlesuit begins to overload its power pack and James realizes that he has only a few seconds before the overloading power pack explodes; Heather, who has escaped Courtney, makes her way into the room where James is; When Heather enters, James realizes that the power pack’s explosion will kill her as well and quickly reroutes circuits to use the power pack to create a temporal rift, sending James hurtling unguided through time and space to arrive on Ganymede, largest moon of Jupiter, 10,000 years in the past; In front of Heather, the air around James’ location is carbonized and James Hudson appears to have been vaporized by the explosion; Heather collapses in grief; Alpha Flight defeats Omega Flight and turns them over to the authorities; Days later, the members of Alpha Flight gather for James MacDonald Hudson’s funeral; Heather begins to have nightmares based on her feelings of guilt and grief over James’ death, believing that she caused James to pause for the brief second that stopped him from disabling his overloading power pack, thus causing his death;

    Early April- Heather Hudson meets with Gary Cody to try to get some sort of compensation for her husband’s death from the government, but is unable to;

    Late April- Elizabeth Twoyoungmen (21) becomes Talisman;

    After 28 months in space, James Hudson (44)’s ship arrives from Ganymede and crash lands in the waters off of British Columbia; A passing Roxxon Corporation research vessel finds the ship and the hibernating James Hudson and brings them to the corporate office in Denver in the US; Hudson is kept in special Science wing of the building and his brain is connected to the Roxxon computer network in hopes to gain Hudson’s vast knowledge base;

    May- Heather McNeil Hudson, after questioning her role, becomes leader of Alpha Flight; Delphine Courtney, still in hiding, is obsessed with gaining revenge on Heather Hudson for her part in the destruction of her “father”, Jerry Jaxon; Randomly tapping into the Roxxon Oil computer system network, Courtney learns about James Hudson’s recovery and, through his neural link to Roxxon, learns of his time on Ganymede; Delphine Courtney develops a plan to impersonate the comatose James and take revenge on Heather and Alpha Flight; Courtney frees the imprisoned members of Omega Flight and alters her form to create a double of James Hudson; Impersonating James, Courtney infiltrates Alpha Flight and incapacitates them, finally revealing herself to Heather; After Alpha Flight fights back, Delphine Courtney, while trying to escape, is confronted and killed by Madison Jeffries; Madison Jeffries joins Alpha Flight; Heather is given a re-creation of James’ battle suit and takes the name “Vindicator”;

    July 2nd- Department H is reinstated as a branch of the Ministry of Defense
    James - 44, Heather 29

    7 years ago: (events of Alpha Flight circa # 35- #86)
    James - 45, Heather 30

    6 years ago:
    James Hudson is discovered to be alive at Roxxon’s Denver offices and is freed from his imprisonment there; James Hudson, now a cyborg with a “colder” personality as a result of the mechanical components of his brain, reunites with Heather and takes on the name “Vindicator” once again; James reverses the colors on his costume to represent his new, darker outlook and changes his costume’s helmet to a more form-fitting style, no longer needing the rounded “control helmet” of his original battlesuit; Heather changes her name to “Guardian”; Vindicator sacrifices his life to save Alpha Flight; James’ body is lost in an inter-space void; The members of Alpha Flight gather for the funeral for James MacDonald Hudson

    (events of Alpha Flight #101 - #128)

    The Master finds James Hudson’s body and revives and brainwashes him; James is renamed “The Anti-guard” and is sent against Alpha Flight; James breaks free of The Master’s control and defeats him; Alpha Flight is disbanded by the government; Finally reunited, James and Heather work as scientists for Dept. H
    James - 46, Heather 31

    5 years ago:
    Despite having been finally reunited, James and Heather Hudson realize that they have grown apart and decide to separate; Living alone, James discovers that Dept H is still active and returns to the Dept H building in Ottawa; James Hudson confronts the new directors over their questionable new vision and new tactics, threatening to stop them by any means necessary; Before he can do anything, James is knocked unconscious, is subjected to a “mind-erase” machine and has the controls of his battlesuit overridden to carry his unconscious body into space to be destroyed; James, subconsciously, is able to gain control of his suit and crashes back down to earth in Antarctica, coincidentally near a research base where Walter Langkowski (3 is working; Walter and his assistant are able to help James recover, but decide to keep his survival a secret; Dept H forms a new Alpha Flight team to combat a growing terrorist threat by “recruiting” new members; Dept H captures and “recruits” an actual Sasquatch, deciding that Walter Langkowski would prove to be too uncontrollable; Dept H scientists create a synthoid 19 year old version of James Hudson to lead the team, implanting fake memories into the new “James” to convince him, and everyone, that he has been accidentally de-aged while trying to rid himself of the alien cyborg components he acquired from the Quwrlln; Dept H completes the new Alpha Flight by contacting available original members, Madison Jeffries, Heather Hudson and Eugene Judd; Heather and Judd agree to return to keep an eye on the new Dept H and to learn more about the new, younger James Hudson, unaware that this James is a synthoid; The original members of Alpha Flight reunite to battle the new team; Both James and his 19 year old Synthoid double are captured by AIM; Wolverine joins Alpha Flight to rescue them; On the rescue mission, the 19 year old Synthoid James Hudson is killed saving the rest of the group from AIM; James and Heather reunite, becoming a couple once again, and soon conceive a child
    James - 47, Heather - 32

    4 years ago:
    July 1st - Claire MacNeil Hudson is born to James and Heather Hudson; When Alpha Flight is captured by the Plodex, Sasquatch forms a new Alpha Flight team to rescue them; After being freed, the original Alpha Flight decides to use the Plodex spacecraft to return the remaining earthbound Plodex eggs back to their homeworld; James Hudson and Heather take their infant daughter with them on the long space journey; After many months and countless adventures in space, Alpha Flight is able to safely deliver the Plodex Eggs to their homeworld and soon begin their journey back home
    James - 48, Heather - 33, Claire - 0

    3 years ago:
    After returning from space, Alpha Flight is soon called to investigate a disturbance near the border of Alaska; The disturbance turns out to be an energy being named The Collective and it easily kills all the members of Alpha Flight; Michael Twoyoungmen (53), as Shaman, calls on the Great Spirit to hold the souls of Alpha Flight in an “inbetween” state, not allowing the souls to pass on to the After-Life; After the death of James and Heather Hudson, their daughter, Claire, is legally given to Heather’s cousin to raise
    James - 49, Heather - 34, Claire - 1

    2 years ago:
    After being denied custody of their daughter because of their “dangerous lifestyle”, Heather rebels and “steals” Claire, killing her cousin in the process; After battling to save Canada and the world, Heather disappears with Claire
    James - 50, Heather - 35, Claire - 2

    1 year ago:
    After a long search, James Hudson tracks down Heather and Claire; Heather and James reconcile and begin to live as a family; James and Heather continue to struggle with their relationship; James leaves the family’s cabin near Ottawa after a fight and takes a mission for the government to investigate an incident in a small Ontario town; Arriving in the town, James finds that the town’s population have been turned into Wendigos; James battles the Wendigos single handedly before being joined by Alpha Flight; Heather contacts Wolverine and the X-Men for help and soon both teams are battling the Wendigos and The Great Beast who controls them; Alpha Flight is successful in defeating the Wendigos and restoring the population of the town; Heather and James reconcile once again
    James - 51, Heather - 36, Claire - 3

    Alpha Flight is restructured and some members are assigned to an orbiting space station under the supervision of Carol Danvers, Captain Marvel
    James - 52, Heather - 37, Claire - 4

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    And, once again, I forgot the space after any 8's and ) 's , so ignore the smiley faces; they're all 8's

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    I figured about the smileys.

    I've never thought before about how young Heather is to be an executive secretary. Assistant.

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    So the Wanda Langkowski period would be in the 7yrs ago bracket?

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    yes. Wanda would "begin" at the end of "8 years ago" (in the Fall) and continue through most of the first part of "7 years ago"

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