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Absolutely Everything You Need to Know - including Alpha Flight!
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Thread: Absolutely Everything You Need to Know - including Alpha Flight!

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    Default Absolutely Everything You Need to Know - including Alpha Flight!

    DK's Marvel Absolutely Everything You Need to Know came out today and Alpha Flight's included! This 240pg hardcover is aimed at the kids market, and contains lots of blurbs about Marvel. It's very blurby. There really isn't any blocks of text to read, just blurbs.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Here's an Amazon Link where you can see the sample pages with all the blurbs:


    Well, Marrina made it into a blurb on Namor's page, as they mention their brief marriage, with a small illustration from Alpha Flight #2

    Also, the Alpha Flight Volume 3 team made it in as the illustration for the Teams division page! Nicely colored to emphasize Sasquatch, too. The image is from the 2pg splash from issue #6

    And the best - Alpha Flight got an entire 2pg spread as one of the teams! The main illustration is the cover of Alpha Flight v4 #6, and each of the team members has their own blurb, as well as a blurb for the Q'wrlln. The info is 99% accurate and lots of fun to read. Captain Marvel's team is mentioned, too so it's completely up-to-date.

    Here's one of the blurbs: (with a Maple Leaf in the background, natch) "Whenever Canada is threatened by mythical marauders or super-powered menaces, the government doesn't make an international call to Avengers Tower. It contacts its very own Super Hero team--Alpha Flight!"

    My only criticism is that on the page about super-speed that Northstar wasn't mentioned. Grrr. Otherwise it's a really fun book and a nice little appearance from Alpha Flight!

    Link to DK's page: http://www.dk.com/us/features/all/ma...-need-to-know/
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    Am broke at the moment but bookmarked it with my other Amazon buy list.

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