Does anyone know of a tried and true reading order for the Alpha Flight Titles? I have a good start with Hulk #180 - 181 which is Wolverine's first appearance which is in Canada. Then, Giant Sized X-Men #1, this is the second appearance of Wolverine and he quits his post in Canada to join Professor X and the X-Men. I do it that way because in Uncanny X-Men #109, Weapon Alpha makes his first appearance. We later know him as Vindicator and then Guardian. After, of course, we see Alpha Flight's first appearance in Uncanny X-Men #120 - 121. Our heroes are trying to capture Wolverine which strengthens the link between Alpha Flight and Wolverine. After that I throw in Machine Man #18 (I know it's not necessary but North Star, Aurora and Sasquatch make an appearance). After, Marvel Two-in-One #83 - 84 (Again, North Star, Aurora and Sasquatch, these issues are mentioned in Alpha Flight #12). Moving on to Uncanny X-Men #139 - 140 where the Wendigo is battled. Then the famous solo series, Wolverine #1 - 4 (1982). I then follow that up with Uncanny X-Men #172 - 173 (this is a "wrap up of Wolverine's relationship with Kimiko?? can't remember her name but it's tied to the Wolverine Miniseries). After Wolverine ties up his love life, I then move on to Alpha Flight Volume one. Where do the Annuals come in? I haven't gotten that far yet. I have the whole series but I've been busy with a move and now bagging and boarding all the Alpha Flight Comics I've bought recently. So what's next? I have Volume 2, 3 and 4 and I have some mini series (X-Men/Alpha Flight, Omega Flight, ect) Where's it all fall in? Any ideas? Once I get a reading order, I'm going to either fire up the grill outside, slow cook some ribs and read or, if it's fall or winter when we can get something hammered out, I'll fire up the fireplace and read. Looking forward to hearing from anyone. I LOVE Alpha Flight and I have my DREAM collection now. Help me out!!