I read a really great book recently about the concept of certain superheros supposedly representing in both symbolical and literal form, their respective nations. This primarily focused on Captain America (duh) for the United States, alpha flight and captain Canuck for Canada (with a brief mention of Nelvanna of the northern lights) and captain Britain, the captain Britain corps, and Union Jack for the U.K. This got me to thinking of a few potential topic threads for this board:

1.For those of us on AFN that were either raised in Canada, or spent a long time living here but born and raised elsewhere (a year from now Illl have lived here a decade), how do or did certain characters or the team as a whole in AF strike you in a patriotic or nationally symbolic way? For those who have spent most of their lives outside of Canada, has AF impacted your overall view of the nation in general?
2. Does the fact that after John Byrne, the series was no longer in the hands of a Canadian, hollow or at least impact their representation of Canada, as you saw it?
3. Outside of Alpha Flight, what other national themed superheroes do you enjoy reading or intrigue you to want to begin reading them?( for some reason I just am very attracted to this concept as a whole, regardless (for the most part ) of the hero or teams nation of origins. Ps if anybody happens to have the five issue mini series Union Jack got a few years ago, or the one off( I think it was a one off not a mini series) that the Russian winter guard had, let me know!