recently, I've gotten hooked on back issue sof the old 1970s WWII Invaders stories (I just bought an absolute gorgeous Alex Ross invaders posters yesterday,) and the one downside the stories have is their is no Canadian members. The most famous lineup has three Americans (Cap,mBucky, and Toro), two Brits (Union Jack and Spitfire) an Android (human Torch,) an Atlantean (Namor) and an alien i think (Vision, compeltely different from the avengers android Vision.) i know they retconned in AF 106 with Major MapleLeaf as an "unoffical member (p.s I want that opening page of maple leaf cap and a couple invaders charging over a map of nazi occupied Europe as a poster so bad,) but we never got to see any of his past exploits( rightfully so as it was not relevant to the major issue in the comic, homosexuality and AIDS.) my question is would anyone like to see Maybe like a MM invaders limited series, or maybe a miniseries about a Canadian WWII hero not yet created, and if so what would that hero or heroines name be? I'd like to see both the former and the latter. In the case of the latter, one name kicking around in my head is the Dominion.