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Thread: Schadenfreude Alphany

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    Default Schadenfreude Alphany

    I just got to thinking over the last few days about characters you know full well would not mesh within the world of Alpha Flight, and yet want the cross over to happen anyways either a.) because it would be so bad its good or b.) you think there just might be a chance to get a good issue or story arc out of it. These can either be potential members of AF or someone the group might clash with, Whoever you pick can never have served in Alpha Flight or have fought them in the comics already. And with that said my choice would be.........Nuke.

    i don't know why Frank Simpson as a character has struck as much of a cord with me as he has. I Think it's becsuse in his best incarnations ( namely under Frank Miller and Rick Remender, most so in the latter) he believes in the same ideals as Captain America, but the government screwed around with his brain so much that Cap vision of the a American dresm gets warped through his hesd. As the loose nuke story arc rememder told so well, Simpson is just as much a victim as all of those he killed "following orders." In his intial Vietnam missions he spent so much time trying to rescue american gis than he did attacking the VC, that the government repaid his sacrifice by screwing around with his mental stability to make him more attack oriented. id actually quite enjoy an arc similar to what they did with Wyre,(Nuke was last seen in the woods of BC hunting down wolverine)
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    If I had to pick one, I'd go with Namorita (and if she could bring the team, it'd be the New Warriors) who is doing a lot of work for Atlantis (since last I heard, Namor was killed by the newest version of Squadron Supreme). Essentially to find Marianna (since she, like Namorita, is back from the dead) and make sure she won't change into the beast she did before (causing a fight between the New Warriors and Alpha Flight, that eventually ends peacefully).

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    First, apologies Yankee - I edited the title of the thread to spell 'Schadenfreude' correctly... wasn't sure if the 'freunde' part was a pun, but I didn't recognise 'schden' as anything. You should be able to change it back yourself if it was deliberate.
    I can be a grammar jerk.

    Who would I want to see?
    Peter David's Young Justice! Hey, this is speculative.

    I'd love to see him write Alpha, and that's among my favourite teams. And New Warriors are already taken.

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    I want to see Mephisto show up looking to take Puck back to Hell while AF tries to stop him.

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