One gripe I have with comics is with rare exceptions, most super heroes tend to have a revolving door in their love life. outside of Superman and Lois Lane and Spider-Man and Mary Jane, there aren't many that have a relationship as a major constant in their tales. Even Heather and Macs relationship past his first death has been a rocky road to Dublin. So I thought people could list some of their favorite Alphans along with their favorite potential romantic partners for said Alphans, either hinted at in the comics, or soley in the imagination.

some that instantly spring to mind for me:

1. Heather. I'll be completely honest. After Macs death, I did not buy any attempts to revive their relationship, Mac had been changed too much by the Qwrrls and Heather had matured into an almost entirely different woman. Her relationship with Madison, as much as I liked Jefferies, didn't click either. It really seemed a relationship built almost entirely on lust, primairly from her end! It was good for a brief reprieve from her single status, but not much else. Personally, I think Heathers best potential romantic interest would have been Puck. Byrne heavily hinted he would take their narrative in that direction, and I really enjoyed the chemistry they shared in those early issues.Mantalos change from that I Think was solely due to him not liking the visual of Heather dating a dwarf. Outside of the AF sphere, I wouldn't mind if she had a fling with Cap (Steve Rogers) or a lengthy relationship with Daredevil. The former mainly so I can make double entendres regarding Canadian USA geopolitics, although I do see a lot of similarities between them. The latter because again I do seem similarities between the two, namely a sense of wanting to do their super heroing with no government interference along with being very independently driven. Also DD reallllllllly needs to have at least one long lasting stable relationship, and since Marvel won't even think about reuniting him with Black Widow, Heather gets my vote.

2. Marrina. While not one of my favorite characters per se, i thought one of the few missteps Byrne made during his run was not making a relationship between her and Dan Smallwood, ie her adoptive brother. He hinted at it in the very first couple issues, and then shunted him aside for Prince Namor. Again, I felt this coupling seemed mainly lust driven, particularly since the majority of their courtship is neither seen or told. Just Marrinas gone for a few issues, and next time we see her, she and Namor are playing tonsil hockey.